Villas At Eden of Whitehall – Contribution

09/15/2012: Thanks to Amanda for sharing her experiences at the Villas At Eden of Whitehall apartments, formerly called English Village. Amanda says residents of the complex experience strange things. Amanda once felt someone grab her shoulder as she was doing dishes when she was younger and a stack of DVDs appeared in the middle of the floor when she lived there as an adult.

I just wanted to add to your English Village listing. I have lived here for years when I was younger and now that I’m older, I am here again. It is now known as The Villas of Eden in Whitehall, but to people who grew up around here, they will always be known as English Village. I have known many people who have lived here who have had hauntings like me. One of my friends had water dripping from his ceiling in the kitchen. When he called maintenance, they told him that’s impossible because there were no water lines in that spot. They still came out to look at it, but found nothing.

When I lived here when I was younger, I had something grab my shoulder and pull me back while I was doing dishes with my stepmom. I assumed it was her and asked what she needed and she was just as shocked as I was when we learned it was not her. You always see shadows creeping around and constantly feel like someone is watching you. One night in my new home here (now that I’m older), I woke up feeling like someone was watching me. I got up and walked to the kitchen to get something to drink then went back to bed. As I walked back to the bedroom, I took note of my surroundings and nothing was out of place. The next morning when I got up, I went out to the living room and instantly noticed a neatly stacked pile of about 10 DVDs in the middle of the floor right in front of the TV. Surely I would have noticed this the night before and neither me nor my boyfriend stacked the DVDs. There are so many unexplained things that happen here, being that  it was part of housing for soldiers and the military base, I wouldn’t expect anything less.