Trebein Road – Contribution

08/10/2004: This story was sent to us by Amber, so thank you very much to her! It takes place near Byron in Greene County. Amber writes that she and her father witnessed the ghost of a bride who was killed on her wedding day. Pretty creepy stuff…we don’t blame her nor her father for never driving down Trebein Road again!

This story happened sometime in Aug 2003 while me and my father were coming home from a late night at work around 11:30 PM. Trebein Road, which is a dangerous road, has a very nerve-racking story. One nice sunny day long ago, there was a bride getting ready for her wedding. She was late so when they got into their buggy, she told her father to hurry. He cracked the whip and off they went. The road at the time was just dirt. One of the wheels hit a big rock in the road, which catapulted her out of her seat. When she hit the ground she broke her neck and died instantly. It is said in the middle of August, around midnight, you might be able to see a woman walking down the road, in a white dress, looking for her long lost husband. They say not to stop because if you do and she touches you, you will turn old and she will become beautiful again.

So, continuing with my story…me and my father were driving down the road listening to the radio with our windows rolled down, when my dad pointed out a figure coming up on my side and it was glowing. He thought we should stop, but I had a bad feeling and told him to keep going. He did not listen to me, and started to slow down. As we were approaching, I rolled my window up a little bit. The closer and closer we got the more it stank of rotting something, we were almost at a complete stop when we got to her. I proceeded to ask her if she needed a ride when she said, “Have you seen my husband?” My father and I were shaking at this point, until she turned her head and it was like a black hole. There was nothing, just dark circles where her eyes used to be. My dad stomped on the gas and got the heck out of there. When we got home, we told my mom everything, she thought we were crazy, of course. Whenever me and my dad have a long night at work, no matter what time of year, we never drive down that road.