Timken Senior High School – Contribution

08/16/2010: Alex tells about paranormal activity that took place at Timken Senior High School in downtown Canton. Ghostly footsteps could be heard, costumes rearranged and cold spots lingered. Students using an Ouija board communicated with several entities and a couple were even touched on their backs by tiny unseen hands.

I attended Timken Senior High School from 2001-2005. I was in the arts academy majoring in theater and photography. During my years there I had traveled throughout the school, and being in the arts and photography, I had unrestricted access to most of the school. In the school’s basement were tunnels that lead from building to building…most blocked off now nut tunnels none-the-less. Some went across the street. In the basement are where the changing rooms for theater were located. Strange things happened there as well as in the theater itself.

In the changing rooms the temperature changed constantly. One side would be hotter than a warm day and the other as cold as ice. Also, our costumes that were set in specific order would be rearranged or thrown on the floor. Mind you, only certain people were allowed in the changing rooms. Footsteps could be heard walking across the stage. We (the theater group) have tested this by locking all the doors into the theater and waited. Sure enough, the footsteps came. They also came while you’re in the changing rooms. You’ll hear footsteps walk up to the door and you wait for someone to open the door and no one ever does.

We’ve used an Ouija board there before and one that made itself known was named Adam. Two little girls also said they died in a fire. Once while using the board, we asked where one was and it said here. After it said here, me and a fellow student looked in horror at one another as we both felt tiny hands on our backs. After this, I refused to use the board ever again, or be around it ever again.

We found out that near the school was city hall and apparently they used to hang people there. This happens to all theater students. We welcomed them and told the new students to just respect them and don’t provoke them.