Sherwood Tracks – Contribution

07/03/2010: Thanks to an anonymous contributor for sharing his personal experience that took place in Sherwood, Defiance County. While walking home, our contributor noticed a young boy in 1930s attire across the street who began to shadow his steps. When the warning gates closed at the railroad tracks, the boy continued to walk onto the track and disappeared after seemingly being struck by the oncoming train.

One foggy night I was walking to my house through downtown Sherwood. When I looked across the street at a little boy getting a newspaper from the machine, I noticed he was wearing older attire clothing from the 1930s. As I continued to watch this young boy, he glanced across at me with a homely look on his face, as if he was very distraught. As I continued, he walked in the same direction I started walking, shadowing my every step. As I arrived at the railroad crossing, the gates went down and the bells started going off. Right before the train reached us, I looked at the young boy who looked back at me again with a distraught look on his face. Making eye contact with me the whole time, he kept walking toward the tracks. As soon as the boy stepped onto the tracks, the train came, which looked like it smashed the boy and then the boy fanished. After the train went by, I looked for the boy and he could not be found. I looked for body parts, a shoe, or anything, but could not find a single article of clothing or limb you would think would be there if a train hit someone.