Screaming Mimi Bridge – Contribution

11/10/2009: Thanks to the anonymous contributor for submitting her story of the Screaming Mimi Bridge of Seneca County. She and some friends went to the bridge one night around midnight and screamed Mimi’s name. Mimi made an appearance with an ax in one hand and lantern in the other.

Many years ago, when I was 16-years-old, a bunch of us that ran together decided to go to Screaming Mimi Bridge. I was raised only four miles from the bridge, as well as my mother. My grandmother was raised in the area. The story I am about to tell you about the bridge has been the story my grandmother knew from when she was a child. My grandmother remembered when Mimi’s body was found under the bridge.

The story my grandmother heard was that Mimi was murdered by her husband on their wedding night for her money. It was a full moon and estimated around 12:00 midnight when he committed the murder. He chopped her head off with an ax and threw her over the bridge, along with the ax and a lantern he used. He then screamed out her name three times, flashed his headlights and blew his horn as he left the bridge, driving up the hill towards River Road, never to be seen again. He was heard by the people who lived at the top of the hill, but they did not think too much of it until Mimi had been missing for a long time. It was believed that he could not live with the guilt and committed suicide, but there wasn’t any evidence of this. Now it is said if you went to the bridge at midnight during a full moon, Mimi will appear coming towards your car, looking for her husband for revenge.

When we arrived at the bridge, we shut off the engine to the car and waited for it to be midnight. We then screamed her name three times. There were six of us in the car. On the north side of the bridge, there appeared to be a large white glow. Her eyes were glowing as she came towards the car, lantern in one hand, ax in the other. She came straight towards the car. The car would not start and there were no lights. Two of the guys got out of the car and pushed it off the bridge. The other guy was so frightened that he crawled under the dash of the passenger side screaming and, well I will just say, lost his bodily functions, if you know what I mean. Once the car was off the bridge, it started and we left, never to return to that bridge again. As we were leaving, we were followed by headlights that disappeared as we got to the top of the hill. We believed the headlights that followed us was the husband escorting us out. None of us ever talked about what happened down there that night, but I remember it as if it were yesterday.