Portage House – Contribution

04/04/2009: Thank you to the anonymous contributor who submitted this story about their old trailer house in Portage, Indiana. A ghostly little boy was seen by the contributor’s little sister. The sister was terrified and started waking up with cuts, saying the little boy wanted to kill her and the entire family. Luckily, the family survived their close encounter.

Ok, so everyone says that things are haunted and certain places are haunted. Well, I’m not saying that his place is haunted, but here’s what I know. My little sister, who was about three years old at the time, woke up one night screaming, saying that a little boy was trying to kill her. We never thought anything of it until about a week passed. It was the same routine every night…she would scream and cry. It got so bad that she wouldn’t even go in the back bedroom. We all stayed in the living room with her just to make her feel ok. We still just thought that it must be nightmares or something until she started waking up with cuts all over her. She would tell us that the little boy did it and that he wanted to kill her, along with the rest of us. She would really freak us out.

This went on for about a month until one day, when we were all out of the house, it caught fire. The whole house wasn’t that bad it was mostly smoke damage with the exception of the back bedroom. It was destroyed. The firefighters told us that we should be happy that there was nobody back there. Now that’s my story. This happened in a trailer park. Nothing strange has happened to us since, but our old next door neighbor’s daughter has started waking up with cuts. Every now and then, some people say that if you go where the trailer used to be at night, you can see a little boy just sitting there smiling at you.