Old Bag of Nails Pub – Contribution

03/28/2014: A former cook, who wishes to remain anonymous, shares stories of paranormal activity that takes place at this Marysville restaurant, including mysterious figures, objects moving and unexplained sounds.

I worked as a gook for nearly a year. I was standing behind the line and began walking toward the dish tank. I saw a figure walk from the restrooms towards the patio doors. The figure was on the other side of the double swinging doors used by staff to go to and from the dining room and kitchen. The only people in the store at the time were myself, the other closing cook, and the manager. The cook was out back lining trash cans. I assumed the figure was the manager, who I needed to talk to.

I continued to the dish tank, thinking at any time the manager would come through the door and I would catch her to talk to her. Approximately two minutes later, I decided to just go up front and get her. I got to the doors and said her name, assuming she was still in the area. She answered from the office in the kitchen behind me. I just stood there a second trying to process what was going on. I asked if she had walked around the building. She laughed and asked why I’d ask. I ignored her question and walked to the back door to see if maybe the other cook, for some reason, walked in and out and through and was also laughed at as she was still dumping and lining cans. They both were questioning me about my confusion, I explained, still baffled. They each weren’t phased and explained their own encounters. That was mine though.

Others I heard, and some I was witness to, consisted of keys coming up missing. Locked alarms being pulled. A picture in the men’s restroom falls off regardless of how its mounted. Footsteps, pans, glasses, bottles moving on their own. All on a fairly regular basis, especially at night.