Mysterious Webcam Video – Contribution

03/15/2005: Thanks to Billy Whited of Batavia for sending in this mysterious webcam video. Billy had his webcam set to only record when it detected motion. The camera was placed on his desk, looking from the living room toward the kitchen. No one was awake when the video was recorded, no one in the household smokes, no one was burning incense, and no one had been in the shower. It is also important to note that the windows had blinds making it difficult, if not impossible, for outside light to get in. The two recordings were brightened and merged into one video, which is displayed below. If you have any suggestions as to what the videos may be showing, please email to tell Billy your opinions.


This is the video combines the two files Billy sent that were recorded on his webcam. The original speed plays first followed by a slow-motion view for each video.