Milford Road – Contribution

02/09/2003: Thank you to Tom Glaze for submitting his first-hand experience of the Milford Road ghost in Butler County, also known as the Oxford Light. Tom tells of a strange light and mysterious sounds he and his friends witnessed during one of their many adventures to the notoriously-haunted area.

I will be more than happy to give you ONE of the times we went. This is by far the most bizarre and at the same time exciting sighting of the ghost I have seen to this date. And mind you, I have seen this ghost over 50 times. In the Fall of 1997, sometime in October if I am not mistaken, two friends of mine went to see “The Light.” It was your typical fall night with weather in the low 50’s and a light rain, we had rain all day, most of the time either a steady or heavy rain. We made the journey, at this time the house where the girl lived was still standing. At the bend where he had his accident a house sits off to your left. A tree in front of the house had a smoldering fire around it. We thought it was odd since it had rained all day but thought nothing of it till later. After we made the journey we turned around and made the turn again and one of us made a comment about how odd the fire was.

We pulled ahead about 100′ from the tree and turned on/off the headlights 3 times as the ritual states. Then we sat and waited for the light. A couple of minutes passed. Then my friends started to see the light ahead but only a speak of it. I, in the meantime, didn’t see anything yet I started to hear a noise. Chris and Drew, my friends, kept on trying to point out the light to me saying, “I can’t believe you don’t see it it’s right there in the middle of the road,” yet I saw no light. Then I realized what the noise I was hearing because it kept getting louder. It was an engine. Yet there was no car or bike anywhere around us. Chris and Drew kept talking about how the light was getting closer and I kept on telling them that the sound was getting louder. I couldn’t see the light and they couldn’t hear the engine. We kept on arguing with each other cause we were all experiencing the same thing but in different manners. Then you could feel its presence. All of us could feel it. My friends kept on yelling about how the light was almost on top of us, while I could hear the engine screaming in my ears. Then all of a sudden the loud ear piercing scream happened. We all heard it. That was enough for us.

I started the car and got the hell out of there. This was too much. Half way down Milford Road, Drew and Chris started to see the light following us. I now could see the light in my rear view mirror. I started to go faster, around 60 MPH, which on this road in this condition, was completely insane. But it didn’t matter to us. We started to head back to Hamilton via SR 73 to SR 27. We still kept on seeing the light follow us. We turned left onto SR 27, I am going as fast as possible with the roads and weather permitting. As we were going up SR 27, we see the light zip across a plowed cornfield to our right. We then go over a hill and that is the last we saw of the light. It wasn’t till spring of the next year did we dare go back to see the light. That time was more than enough to last me for a lifetime. Yet even still, anytime I return back home to Cincinnati, I have to go see “The Light.”

11/01/2004: Thanks to Mindy for sending in an experience she and eight friends had one night while ghost hunting on Milford Road. Mindy says that she and her friends performed the ritual described in the legend and witnessed two red lights and what appeared to be an orb that floated around like a feather.

I noticed your story about the haunting on Milford Road, or as my friends and I call it, “The Light.” Our experience was a tad bit different. It was Halloween night 204, and me and about eight friends decided to go ghost hunting. We had been to a few places, but had no luck thus far, until we went to “the light.” It’s a very long stretch of road and at the part of the road where the accident occurred is the sharpest turn on any road I’ve ever seen. After the turn there is this mysterious road on the right that has overgrown weeds and grass everywhere. This road was said to have led to the motorcyclist’s forbidden lover. We turned onto that and flashed our lights three times. Then we headed back down the road and stopped right at the beginning of the sharp turn and I put my car in park, turned off the engine, rolled down all the windows, and turned my headlights off.

We waited for about one minute, then we all saw the set of really weird red lights. We had no clue what they were. Then, we saw one light, but it didn’t look like a headlight. It reminded all of us more of an orb than a headlight because it was floating in the air like a feather. It would sway from one side of the road to the other, and then it would go high up in the air. Then it almost looked as if it was going to crash to the ground. The closer it got, the closer the two red lights got. Then we heard what sounded like a little boy screaming, and that flipped us out. So we took off. But as we neared the end of Milford Road, we saw the orb stopped on the road. At this point it looked like a big ball of light, but it quickly disappeared.

Later that week we found out that the red lights are said to be those of a little boy’s bike. The little boy that caused the motorcyclist to crash. We were told that the motorcyclist didn’t see the little boy, or his two red reflectors on his bike, until it was too late. The motorcyclist saw the little boy on his bike right before the turn, resulting in the horrible death of the little boy and the love-struck motorcyclist.

08/03/2014: Thank you to Summer and Savanna for sending in their Milford Road experience. Summer, along with her cousin Savanna and Summer’s mother, drove out to Milford Road to check out the legend for themselves. Shortly after arriving, they witnessed a light come over the hill and disappear. Summer and her companions speculate the ghostly motorcyclist who is said to haunt the road may have crashed due to inclement weather.

The night we went out was in July of 2014. It was lightning all around and throughout the car ride out to Oxford Milford Road, it was pouring rain or no rain at all. It was my mom, my sister, my cousin and I. My cousin Savanna is who told me about the legend and is who made me want to go out and witness it for myself. So I talked my mom into taking us out. Well, as we approach Oxford Milford Road, my cousin says to me and everyone on the car to keep our heads on a 360 because the light would chase us. So we get far enough back to the point where we can’t see the barn light and turned around. Well as we turned around and looked towards the road, we seen the light coming up over the hill and then it disappeared. We also seen one red light as it turned off the side as if it was going off the road and crashed. We think it could’ve been a red brake light from the bike.

Well we sat there for about an hour. Nothing else happened. But when we seen the light and after it disappeared, I looked at the windshield, I couldn’t believe that it looked like rain was going down but it wasn’t raining where we were on the road. So Savanna and I, plus other friends who know about the legend, tend to believe that the motorcyclist might have lost control of his bike and crashed because of it raining. I couldn’t believe that the windshield looked that way for a split second then went back to normal. I now want to go back out and try again to see the Oxford Light.