Lonesome Road – Contribution

05/15/2011: Thanks to Brittani Steele for sending in the strange encounter she had while checking out the legend of Lonesome Road (Nettlecreek Road) with her friends late one night. A carload of them drove out to Davey Woods to try to catch a glimpse of the man who haunts the area and they were not disappointed. While walking along, they witnessed a shadowy figure on top of a hill that chased them from the park. They fled the area, only to return a short time later to experience something even more frightening!

A few years ago a group of friends and I had heard that this particular part of Ohio was extremely haunted. Being young, dumb and not afraid of anything, we decided late one night to check it out. Some of us being believers of spirits, one being a believer of harmful spirits, and one (the youngest and dumbest) believed that there was no such things as ghosts, but if one did exist in these woods, that he could beat it off with a baseball bat. We entered after dark and after park hours. We were all arm in arm, laughing and talking jovially about some event that had happened earlier that day when all of a sudden, the five of us looked to our left to the top of the hill and stopped suddenly. I cannot account for what the others felt, but I know myself, I felt my skin start crawling and like something was forcing me to look to the top of the hill. I did not stop because of that feeling, nor did I stop because the others did. I stopped because at the top of the hill was a shadow of a man watching me with eyes red and bright that seemed to be looking right into mine. Suddenly, the male figure started sprinting down the hill right at us! We all dropped arms, turned completely around and ran at full sprint back to the car. I couldn’t catch my breath, get rid of the feeling of dread, or force myself to look back before we turned off of Lonesome Road. The entire time we were driving, I had a feeling we were being followed.

One friend, the youngest (again), decided to take the position that he didn’t see anything and wanted to return an hour later. Feeling the need to fulfill our own curiosity and his, we decided as a group to turn back. The moment we turned on to the road, we were all alert. I was looking out of the driver’s side of the car and saw a playful white rabbit bouncing along the side of the car that stopped 100 yards outside of the Lonesome Road entrance to the woods and turned into the same shadowy figure as before. I turned to face my friend on the passenger side of the car and his face mirrored with mine. We both yelled at the driver to keep driving, not to stop. As I was looking out of the passenger window, all heads turned to that side of the vehicle and the entrance to the woods. The same shadowy figure was standing at the gate, red eye glowing brighter than before, but the most disturbing part was that next to “him” was another male figure bent at the waist holding his head in his hands in obvious pain. At that exact moment the friend that suggested we return to the woods screamed out in pain. As we looked back at him he was holding his hands to his head and was screaming that his head felt as if it had “just exploded.”

I’ve tried to go back twice since and have not made it past the gate. To this very day my skin still crawls and I am filled with an overwhelming feeling of dread just thinking about it.