Good Samaritan Hospital – Contribution

07/24/2010: Thanks to Leslee Kane for sharing her paranormal experience that took place at Good Samaritan Medical Center in Zanesville. Leslee and her father witnessed an elderly woman wearing a flowered dress enter an elevator, only for her to disappear seconds later. This experience converted her father from a skeptic to a believer of the paranormal.

In May of 2008, while my son was a patient on the third floor (cardiac floor) of Good Samaritan Medical Center, my father and I had to run an errand at around 3:00 PM. While walking towards the elevators, we watched an elderly lady in a flowered dress and carrying a purse proceed to get onto the 2nd elevator, which was going up. Since we were headed downstairs, we stepped towards the 3rd elevator. Within seconds of the doors to the 2nd elevator closing, the very same doors re-opened and there was nobody at all inside.

My dad and I had not spoken a word to each other during this whole experience, but when we got into the elevator, we both looked at each other in amazement as we both wondered where the lady had gone. I have always been a firm believer in spirits and ghosts, but my dad had been a skeptic. After that experience, my dad is no longer a skeptic.