Ghost in the Window – Contribution

07/13/2005: Thanks to Abe and Jamie of Columbus for submitting this story and the photo of what appears to be an apparition peering out of the bedroom window. They tell that the face may belong to Jamie’s grandfather, who used to stay in that room and had passed away. It is also possible that the ghostly face is nothing more than a reflection combined with matrixing. If you have any comments on the photo, please email and we’ll pass your comments along to the family.

This picture is from Mother’s Day 2005. The ladies in the photo are my wife’s mom, aunt and grandmother. My wife thinks the image is that of her dead grandfather’s face. She believes this because the window that the image appears in was her grandfather’s room. Personally I don’t know what the image is. I can see where my wife thinks it’s a face, but part of me thinks all it is is a reflection. No one knows for sure.


Enhanced to show face