Fields Cemetery – Contribution

07/27/2009: Thanks to Bob of Peg Leg Paranormal for submitting these EVP recordings that he took while visiting Fields Cemetery in Lorain County. Some of the recordings are hard to hear without the use of headphones. Please email with any comments about the EVPs and we will forward them to Peg Leg Paranormal.

EVP Recordings

Come Bob Come: A whispery voice says, “Come Bob, come,” is this recording.
George, Chip, Joan, Amy: A faint voice responds to Bob’s question, listing these names.
Goodbye: This very slight whisper says, “Goodbye.”
Hide Your Balls: More defined, this voice makes the comment, “Hide your balls.”
Horse Runs Over Me: The sound of what seems to be horse hooves.
Say Hello: In response to Bob’s question, this whispery voice asks him to, “Say hello.”
Tell Maggie I’m Waiting For Her: A whispery voice makes a request of Bob.
There’s Someone With A Toy: This faint voice is difficult to hear without headphones.
You Gotta Broken Leg: Another faint EVP stating, “You gotta broken leg.”