Egypt Valley Creature – Contribution

05/18/2008: Thank you to Michelle Fulton for sharing her encounter with a horrid-sounding creature. Michelle’s sighting occurred in 1984 and her daughters have reported similar sightings more recently. The descriptions of the creature that has been witnessed by several people are a very close match. Whatever the creature is, it must have a long lifespan. Could this be a bigfoot living within the wilderness area? Perhaps.

It was 1984 and I was 17. A carload of friends and myself were cruising Egypt Valley when around 12 AM, my friend and I got out to use the restroom on the side of the road. I looked up and a mere 100 yards from us stood a creature about 6’2″ with long hairy arms. It held onto the tree as to hide behind it, then crouched as to get a better view of us. I whispered to my friend to get up and look at me until we got to the car. Of course she didn’t, she ran to the car. The driver decided to play stop/go and we couldn’t help but to scream in terror for them to stop. I turned around after we finally got in the car only to see its face in the back window. I am 41-years-old now and I still can’t forget that night…that ugly freakish long face with wide teeth and red blonde hair all over but not thick, and its eyes were a strange green/yellow. It looked dirty and underfed and wore no clothing or shoes.

What is freakier is when my daughter was 16, her friend began telling me about a creature she had seen while she was at Egypt Valley. I froze as the details were so similar to mine. She was chased by it, but she said it ran slower than expected, almost clumsy. It was huffing and made a high-pitched whining sound that gave her chills. They too got away. My other daughter, 14, has a friend who went paintballing this past summer. When it became dark, they claimed to have been stalked by something matching our descriptions as they went back to the car (teen boys). The difference this time is that the creature showed intelligence. When they stopped, it would too. They kept it in the corner of their eyes until they got to the car. I don’t know if this creature wants companionship, if it’s curious, or stalking us until it knows its prey. Maybe others haven’t been so lucky.