Columbus Steel Castings – Contribution

09/08/2011: Thanks to Josh for sending in his paranormal experience while working at Columbus Steel Castings as a security guard. This industrial complex is more commonly known by its former name, Buckeye Steel, and has been the site of many fatal accidents over the years. Josh tells of hearing mysterious footsteps while completing his rounds only to run into something unseen upon investigation. UPDATE: The entire Buckeye Steel complex was demolished during the summer of 2018 for environmental cleanup and to make way for new development.

I worked as a security guard at Columbus Steel Castings for about three months on the night shift. As part of my duties I had to make rounds on the grounds alone. It was during one of my shifts in October 2006 that I had the scariest experience of my life. I was in the main office, on the first floor. I had just entered the front door, and was heading down the hallway toward the office when I began hearing footsteps. I was supposed to be the only one in the building, so I quickly started around the corner where I heard the footsteps to investigate. As I rounded the corner I ran into someone, or actually something. Before I could react to what I had hit, it disappeared. I was in total shock and immediately went to the office to regroup. I sat there for a half an hour, not sure if I wanted to finish my rounds in the old building. I finally decided to finish up, but turned the lights on on every floor as I went.