Columbia Street House – Contribution

09/15/2013: A former residence of a house along Columbia Street in Leetonia shares her experiences while living there. She witnessed the apparition of an older gentleman on several occasions, even feeling his breath several times. This anonymous contributor says she had felt other “instances” in other homes she had lived in before, but this was the only time she was ever fearful of an entity. Interestingly we received a report in 2004 of a house on Columbia Street in Leetonia as being haunted. In that contribution, the author stated a man was seen looking at them next to the stairway, and an old woman who sews haunted the attic. We aren’t sure if this house is one and the same.

We were renting this house from the church. I personally experienced walking in fear, trembling at the site of a man looking over me. This experience only occurred in the upstairs master bedroom and hallway. I could clearly see it was an older man from early days with baggy pants and suspenders hanging around his waist. I could feel his breath. I told my husband about it. One day we were sitting at the bottom of the steps. I looked up the stairs and there he was…this manly figure was on the 3rd step from the top of the stairs looking down at me.

The presence of this man happened several times. It was terrifying. I would wake up in the middle of the night because I could feel his breath on my face. I never experienced this in the lower part of the house. We left the house shortly after this, I was too afraid. The presence got worse when my husband was out of town. I would feel the covers being pulled off the bottom of the bed and see his shadow on the wall walking around my bed. I have felt other “instances” before in other homes. This was the first time I was ever afraid and felt fearful.