Chatham House – Contribution

07/31/2016: Thanks to Tiffany Wittman for sharing her family’s strange experiences while living in a home in Chatham, Medina County. Tiffany had a fear of the home from the day her family moved in. Her brother witnessed a “scary face” in the basement and her mother would see figures and creatures in her room. The family had the house exorcised shortly before moving out.

I lived in a house in Chatham from 1999 to 2002. The day we got our electric turned on in the house, I stayed home alone from school to be there. It was the first time I was alone in our new home and the house creeped me out so bad I stayed outside on the front porch all day. Shortly after moving in the house, I started hearing scratching noises in my closet. My mom told me it was just squirrels. It eased my fears. I was on AOL at 2 AM and my computer desk was by a window on my front porch. I heard something out there so I looked out the window and there was a wolf on my porch staring at me. I’m not going to lie, I was so scared I was frozen in fear. I woke my parents up and the wolf was gone.

As years went on, strange things happened in the house. My older brother, who lived in the basement, saw a scary face looking at him when he was laying in bed. He was terrified after that and he was in his 20s. Around 2000 we had a family move in with us and that’s when a lot of activity started happening. Stuff was flying off the walls and the outside doors started locking by themselves after certain people would go outside. My mother saw figures and creatures in her room. My father did not want to accept that there was stuff happening in the house. I always felt like we were being watched. In 2001 we had the house exorcised. My mom put all us kids in the living room and the man went room to room. We moved shortly after that.

In 2003 one of my friends knew a medium and they drove to the house. She said there was a spirit in my room and one in the basement. The worst part is she said there was a black mass in the backyard and it was very violent. Over the last 13 years I’ve passed the house a few times. I’m still scared of the house to this day and I feel bad for the family that lives there now. They have no idea what happened in the past and what could still be there. Most of the activity that happened I still don’t know about because my mother and father won’t talk about it. They kept a lot of stuff from us kids because we were so young.