Bunker Hill Universalist Pioneer Cemetery – Contribution

06/04/2016: Patricia Eversole shares a paranormal experience she had while visiting the Bunker Hill Universalist Pioneer Cemetery in Butler County. Patricia heard a voice whisper, “Hey,” multiple times and later photographed the possible apparition of a man wearing a uniform standing next to a tree. Patricia was kind enough to send along the photo to be included here.

My husband and I was visiting Bunker Hill Park. He went into the woods to mushroom hunt and I stayed behind and was in the cemetery. I was looking around and decided to pull weeds from around some of the graves. It was a bit windy so at first I paid no attention to what I thought I heard. It was a very faint whisper and it was the word “Hey.” Then it happened a few minutes later but this time it was louder. I looked around and just dismissed it as the wind. Then I continued pulling weeds then I heard it again the word “Hey,” but this time it was different, it was closer to me.

I stopped what I was doing and looked to the woods thinking it was my husband playing with me. I said my husband’s name but didn’t get any answer. So I started back to the car. I stopped and right next to me in my ear I heard it, a man’s voice very clear, say “Hey.” I thought when I turned my head that someone would be standing right next to me. But no one was there. I went straight to my car. Not sure what I heard. My hair was standing up on my neck and I could feel someone there.

I sat in my car hoping my husband would hurry up. Then I thought I was crazy so I got out of the car and I went back to where I heard the word in my ear. I had my cell phone with me. I said, “OK if someone is here show yourself.” I took many pictures just shooting in many directions. Went back to my car and was looking at them. Then I seen it. I have a picture of a man with a uniform on. Standing by a tree. It is so strange. My husband seen these pictures when he got back and without me telling him anything of what happened. I asked him, “What do you see?” He said there’s a guy standing there. I’ve spent many times here and never experienced anything like this. I have the picture if you would like to see it.