Bowman Cemetery – Contribution

04/15/2010: An anonymous contributor shares their story of a mysterious man they call “Bumper Man.” He supposedly grabs the bumper of your vehicle while visiting Bowman Cemetery in Columbiana County during the night.

It may sound crazy, but I have learned from personal experience that “Bumper Man” really does exist. When in Bowman’s Cemetery between the times of dusk and through the night, you may encounter a person, or man, that my friends and relatives call “Bumper Man.” Why do we call him that you ask? Because, when I was visiting Bowman’s with my aunt, searching for spirits on one of our annual ghost hunts, I kept telling my aunt to go down a road. But my cousin started crying and screaming because she said I wouldn’t want to go if I saw what came up and grabbed onto their bumper yesterday when they were here. As a result, my sister and I started calling him “Bumper Man.”

When we went down to see what all of the hullabaloo was about, we made a mistake by getting out of the car and making noise. We heard something and ran to the car, and sped out of the cemetery part. We stopped above the road. We were joking about old Bumper Man, until we heard something behind the car. Sure enough, there he was, that bumper grabbin’ psycho! I know this doesn’t sound true, but you go down to the town of Rogers, and go to Bowman’s, and I’ll see you at the mechanics!