Bethel Cemetery – Contribution

10/06/2004: This story was sent to us by an anonymous contributor. It takes place at Bethel Cemetery in Gallia County. The writer tells of seeing a mysterious black wraith that was watching them as they walked through the cemetery grounds. The next day, the entire place was wrecked and the church adjacent to the cemetery had been burned to the ground.

There used to be an old church out on Bethel Road off of Route 233 that had an old cemetery next to it. One evening a few of my friends and I went out to see this old cemetery. It was right before sundown and we were walking back toward our car from the top of the cemetery. Toward the bottom of the graveyard there is a very large gravestone and my friends and I were looking in that general direction when we all saw a black human shape appear from behind the headstone! It was about five feet from where we were standing so we all got a very good look at it and it got a good look at us! It appeared to be about six or seven feet tall and was leaning over the top of the gravestone leering at us from behind it. All of us took off out of there scared to death.

The next day I went back to see the graveyard again for myself. All of the large tombstones were laying on the ground; some of them were so large it would have been impossible to push over! The church that used to stand next to the graveyard was nothing but smoldering ashes where someone or SOMETHING had burned it down!!!