Baylan House – Contribution

10/31/2007: Thanks to Kristina M. for submitting this story about her mother’s home in Toledo. She tells of a ghostly little boy who has been witnessed by numerous people and other spirits that seem to haunt the home.

My mother has owned her home for 17 years. My first experience was when I was 17. I was sleeping in my bedroom and I saw a small boy run across the room. At the time there was only me, my mom, and stepfather. So when I saw this, I knew something was wrong. That was the first time I saw the boy. THen years later, I had a friend from India sleeping over. He was on the couch and he was in the living room and kept saying, “Kristina, stop!” He said it about five times. So I got up and walked to the other room and I asked him, “Stop what?” He said, “Stop playing with my feet.” It was the little boy playing with his feet. Another time my best friend was staying over and we were sleeping and she felt someone touching her on the leg and I was sleeping. Then there was a time my mom and her friend were in the kitchen. Mom was at the sink and her friend was sitting at the table. First the salt shaker on the stove just flew across the room and broke and then a candle sitting on the window flew off.

Recently I came home from being overseas and I was trying to get my sleep times back to normal. I was laying in my bed when I felt my hair being played with. I said, “I know you’re here, you can stop it now.” It stopped for about 3 minutes, then the blankets were pulled off me. And I yelled at it and it finally stopped and let me sleep. I know of 3 spirits in this house and 1 is a little boy. THere is a man who supposedly hanged himself in the attic and my grandfather. I have only ever seen the little boy. He is the one who likes to play and pull pranks. I believe the angry one who throws things is the hanged man and my grandfather has a music box he turns on sometimes.