Private Investigation 07OJR70253

Investigation #07OJR70253

The Ohio Exploration Society conducted this investigation at an undisclosed rural cemetery in Pike County on September 8, 2007. The start time was 6:00 PM with an end time of 8:45 PM.

General Information

There were several types of paranormal phenomenon that had occurred at this undisclosed cemetery in rural Pike County. The first story relayed to us was that of a man named Charley, who was the caretaker of the cemetery. Years ago as Charley was walking past the cemetery, he saw what he described as the devil himself with a fiery red complexion, sitting atop the gate post. As Charley approached, the devil swung a chain, getting ever and ever closer to Charley. Charley ran away and this traumatic experience caused him to stutter until his death in 1974 at the age of 81. Some claim that local teens had played a horrible prank on Charley, but regardless, Charley was never the same after that day.

A church once stood in the middle of the cemetery. At the break of dawn sometime in the 1940s, some locals found the roof of the church laying in the field adjacent to the property. There had been no damaging winds or severe storms beforehand, but some unknown event caused the roof to be separated from the building while leaving the walls and interior furnishings largely intact. Soon after, the church was dismantled and is now used as a home in a nearby town.

An old home once stood at the entrance of the lane that leads back to the cemetery. In February 1966, there was a devastating fire in which three young girls who lived there were killed. Their remains were buried in the cemetery. Another interesting burial in the cemetery was that of an inmate who was executed for murder. His body was robbed from his grave and never found. While the details of the story about the inmate are sketchy, the fact remains that his body was stolen.

In the mid-1970s, a woman went to place flowers on a relative’s grave when she heard a tremendous “whoosh” sound in the middle of the cemetery, almost like a baseball bat being swung through a bush of dry leaves. However, there was no bush near the spot to cause such a sound. She quickly left the cemetery.

On the night of May 9, 1980, our client and a couple of friends conducted a paranormal investigation at the cemetery. When they were placing a tape recorder in the cemetery, the group heard the same “whoosh” sound the witness above heard years earlier in the same location. The team placed a lantern near the gate to ensure that no animals entered the cemetery and they returned to their vehicle parked just outside the gate. After about twenty minutes had passed, the three men witnessed three balls of light tumbling around about 100 yards in front of their car where the home that had burned down years before once stood. Could these three lights have been manifestations of the three girls who died in the fire? Just before 1:00 AM, our client’s team gathered their recorders and analyzed them the next day. About ten minutes into the recording, our client heard a moan and at the 35 minute mark, he heard a definitive laugh. Oddly enough, on top of this, the vehicle the three men took to the cemetery died the following day.

In 1984, several people visiting the cemetery saw a large hooded snake with strange markings. One man returned to their vehicle, retrieved a rake and killed the snake. They found a snake skin nearby that they took to a university where it was identified as an Indian Cobra. In 1987, a visitor of the cemetery witnessed a black orb moving above the ground. Later that night, she saw a face staring at her when she looked in the rearview mirror of her car. In another occurrence, three individuals in a car parked at the cemetery gate heard footsteps approaching their car, but no one was there.

UFO activity was reported around the cemetery in the early 1980s. Residents living nearby witnessed a spectacular UFO with multi-colored lights hovering over the cemetery, slowly spinning horizontally. The object then tipped on its end and descended downward toward the ground before zipping upward into the sky and out of sight. Another nearby resident witnessed a round white light hovering up and down for about thirty minutes over the region around the cemetery. Interestingly enough, this cemetery is not incredibly far from the GE Peebles Test Operation, where top secret operations were said to have occurred, primarily during the 1980s.

Investigators Attending

  • Jason Robinson – Ohio Exploration Society Founder
  • Jodie Robinson – Director of Genealogical Research
  • Jason Colwell – Director of Paranormal Investigations
  • Philip Niklas – Coordinator
  • Larry Copeland – Intuitive Medium

Equipment Used

  • 1 Sony MiniDV Camcorder
  • 1 Sony NightVision Extender
  • 5 Digital Cameras
  • 4 Digital Audio Recorders
  • 1 Analog Audio Recorder
  • 3 External Microphones
  • 1 Headphones
  • 1 TriField Natural EM Meter
  • 1 Thermocouple Thermometer

Paranormal / Unusual Activity

Early in the investigation, Mr. Robinson heard the whispery voice of a female while conducting real-time electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) near the middle of the cemetery. However, upon review of the audio recording, the voice could not be heard. An electromagnetic field (EMF) sweep of the cemetery revealed two locations with a slightly higher EMF reading than the rest of the grounds. These EMF spikes occurred in the same location where Mr. Robinson hear the whispery voice and the immediate area around the grave from which the body was stolen. The cemetery seemed comfortable enough during the daylight, but after dark a few more strange occurrences happened.

Just as the sun went down, Niklas was debating on whether to continue recording for EVP when he heard a woman’s voice audibly in his left ear say, “What are you talking about?” Niklas also stated that later that night he heard someone walk up on him in the rear of the cemetery, but no one was nearby. Near the end of the investigation, several of those present witnessed a shadowy figure moving near the right, rear corner of the cemetery. The area was inspected, but nothing could be found that could explain the shadow that was witnessed. We did successfully record three instances of EVP in the cemetery. Nothing unusual appeared in photographs or on video.

Evidence – EVP Recordings

Loose Cap: Just after our client says, “…out of me,” you’ll hear a whispery voice say, “Loose cap.”
Dang It: One second after the camera clicks, a voice says, “Dang it.”
Nice: A hard-to-hear whispery voice says, “Nice,” right at the three second mark.


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