Private Investigation 05OJR70151

Investigation #05OJR70151

The Ohio Exploration Society conducted two investigations at this private residence in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. The first investigation took place on November 19, 2005, and a second investigation took place on November 11, 2006.

General Information

The residents stated they could hear talking, both with the naked ear and through electronic devices such as a baby monitor. The voices often sounded like conversations were taking place. A presence had been felt in the basement near the laundry area and the light there turned on/off by itself frequently. Footsteps were often heard in the upstairs hallway and going up/down a stairway with no access. Food that is stored on these stairs was always being knocked over. The back door would occasionally open and close by itself.

Prior to our second investigation, paranormal activity dropped significantly for about two months after a family member had passed away. When the activity resumed, a stuffed animal was thrown from a shelf, the basement door opened on its own and the frequency of voices being heard increased. Strange things occurred on almost a nightly basis.

The home was built in the late 1800s and was expanded three times as the original family grew. The family had fifteen children. Most of the land immediately surrounding the home was owned by the Cook family. It was incorporated into Cleveland when Cook wished to become a city councilman. Mr. Cook had a gambling problem and paid his debts by giving away parcels of his land. The house was registered as a farm at the time of our investigation, although little of the surrounding land was tended. Several deaths are known to have occurred on the property.

Investigators Attending

  • Jason Robinson – Ohio Exploration Society Founder (Both investigations)
  • Jason Colwell – Director of Paranormal Investigations (1st investigation)
  • Philip Niklas – Coordinator (1st investigation)
  • Larry Copeland – Intuitive Medium (2nd investigation)

Paranormal / Unusual Activity

Details from the first investigation are not available at this time. Please check back later.

For the second investigation, Robinson initially went to the second floor hallway to begin the investigation. He was using a real-time EVP technique but didn’t hear anything that he could immediately identify. Robinson began recording on the MiniDV camcorder set up in the hallway. After a few minutes of observation, he went downstairs to begin recording on the Hi8mm camcorder set up in the kitchen. When Robinson returned to the upstairs hallway, the electromagnetic field (EMF) meter was fluctuating and the temperature was a measurable 15° cooler than previously, at about 61° F. The video camera had shut off while he was gone for no apparent reason and had to be turned on again. This occurred prior to a brief power outage and the camera was using a fully charged backup battery. Robinson then heard footsteps in the hallway and asked for a sign of presence. Moments later he heard a loud knock on the side of a TV in the middle of the bedroom. Robinson asked that if anyone was with him to please stand across from the stairs. The EMF meter located there began to make a sound, indicating the level had increased to at least a 5-6 reading, but it only lasted about 5-10 seconds.

Copeland was in the basement area when he picked up on the name August. He felt there was more than one spirit in the home, confirming the homeowners’ beliefs. When Robinson later investigated the basement, he heard a noise that sounded like a bell or a tap on a pipe. No bells were found in the area and no one else was in the basement, so it remains unknown what caused the sound. When the  investigation was still in the early stages, the entire house lost power for about 5-10 seconds. Later when Robinson was playing back the sound of the bell he captured in the basement, the lights in the dining room began to dim. After Robinson left the area, Copeland asked August to dim the lights again, and they dimmed.

Copeland then joined Robinson in the upstairs hallway. After a few minutes, Copeland began to explain some feelings he had in the master bedroom. Both he and Robinson heard a noise from the hallway and a tap was heard directly in front of Robinson as he stood inside the doorway, looking out into the hall. Shortly after, Robinson heard what sounded like a male whispering, “Come here,” or “Come in,” through the headphones while recording EVP. The whisper was very faint and could hardly be heard. A few moments later, Robinson asked where he should go and again heard the same voice whisper, “Hallway.” Copeland and Robinson walked into the hallway to try to gather more evidence, but nothing else out of the ordinary happened. The second investigation wrapped up around 12:20 AM.

Evidence – EVP Recordings

He Hurt Me: A whispery voice says, “He hurt me,” just after we had entered the basement during our first investigation.
I Want…You: A faint whisper saying, “I want…you,” was recorded in the upstairs portion of the home.
Hallway: Recorded during a real time EVP session, a whispery voice responds to a question by saying, “Hallway.”
Jerry…Hey: This voice whispers either “Jerry,” or “Jenny,” followed by “hey.”
Six Years Old: A very faint whisper answers, “Six,” when asked about age.
Thump: A distinctive thump was heard from an unknown source while investigating the master bedroom.
Basement Knocking: Two distinctive knocks were heard in the basement after an investigator asked a question.
Basement Ding: This is the bell-like or pipe-hit sound that was heard in the basement. The source of the sound could not be found.


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