Wayne County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Wayne County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Palmer Road – In 1973, there was a wave of UFO sightings. Many mysterious lights were seen in the area. An Army Reserve helicopter crew of four men encountered a gray, metallic-looking, cigar-shaped objects with unusual lights and maneuvers, as they were airborne. (Credits: Jim Starr)


Dalton Cemetery – This cemetery is said to be haunted by two men and a woman. One of the men is supposedly Dalton’s founder and the woman is his wife. It is unknown who the other man is.


Crybaby Bridge – Once a hiding place for outlaws, a mother threw her small child off the bridge. It is said that you can sometimes hear the sound of the child crying at night.

Rogue’s Hollow – Also known as Ohio’s Sleepy Hollow, this now-ghost town is haunted by everything from huge snakes to a ghostly miner to the devil himself. One legend in particular is connected to a tree at the bottom of a steep hill known as “The Devil’s Dead Tree.” In the 1800s, a horse and carriage was going down the hill when it lost control. The horse hit the tree so hard that it decapitated the horse. The ghost of a headless horse is now seen in the area. Around 1890, a gentleman decided to check out the legends of Rogue’s Hollow. As he came upon the tree, his horses suddenly stopped. As he looked to the sky in disgust, he saw red glowing eyes in the tree above him and what appeared to be the devil himself. The horses began to go again and as the gentleman looked back, he saw the creature crawl back into the tree. Today, cars are known to stall near the tree and will only restart after they pass the tree. The only thing remaining of the actual town is an old dilapidated barn, but Rogue’s Hollow’s many legends live on.


Robin Industries – Located on the former Fredericksburg Pottery site, Robin Industries is haunted by several restless spirits. Fredericksburg Pottery was the site of two severe fires and a terrible train accident that killed twelve people. Employees at Robin Industries have reported feeling cold spots behind presses that run at 400°. The ghost of the man who was blamed for the train derailment has often been seen in the mold room. Another older gentleman who has been seen in the shipping room is believed to be the former mayor who witnessed the scene. The ghost of an elderly woman swings doors open and shuts off presses when running at full capacity in the plastic department. The stairwell leading to the office has been home to a spirit who guards the pottery company’s safe. One employee who was navigating the stairwell smelled a strong stench. She turned around only to be hit by a strong wind that almost knocked her down the stairs. The apparition of a man in military fatigues has been seen in the supervisor’s office, waiting for his train.


Mount Eaton Road – There is an old, haunted cemetery down a hidden driveway just off Mount Eaton Road. Some of the larger tombstones are said to glow green at night. It is said that if one touches one of the glowing tombstones, a family member will be murdered. If the tombstone turns pink, ghostly figures will appear behind you and chase you out of the cemetery. (Credits: Sam Eldridge)


Leroy’s Bridge – This bridge is haunted by the ghost of a man who was killed by falling off the side years ago. Mysterious beams of light can be seen in the woods and satanic cults often use the bridge to perform their rituals.


East of Chicago Pizza – Formerly a Quick Check-Subway, the restaurant is on the site of a former funeral home, speakeasy, depot, boarding room and titanium factory. The land has a long and twisted history, including several deaths and mysterious fires. A ghost called Harvey is known to smoke vanilla cigars in the large walk-in cooler. He is blamed for sometimes locking the cooler doors and making the cooler lights turn on and off. Another ghost named Mimi, believed to be a former office worker, makes the time clock hands turn quickly on their own. A manager who brought money back from the bank had placed it on the back counter. When she returned, every bill was marked in red ink with the initials “MR.” Coffee pots have flown off of the coffee maker. Yet another spirit known as Tom slams the back door and has been seen several times, only to quickly disappear. Two more spirits are said to walk around upstairs, but the upstairs no longer exists. Many believe this to be the spirit of Mr. Tidball, the owner of the former funeral home. The paranormal activity continues when the building became an East of Chicago Pizza restaurant. Workers there have reported unexplained voices, footsteps, doors opening and closing, and pots and pans flying off the shelves. In one incident, a broom stood up by itself in the middle of the office floor. In another incident, a worker was by herself one night when she heard a very loud train whistle, but there was no train coming on the tracks adjacent to the building and the noise seemed to be coming from nowhere.

Pennsylvania Rail Yard – Located on the Pennsylvania Railroad, the rail yard sits directly in the middle of town. The depot once sat directly in the middle of the yard where a truck parking lot is located today. When standing outside on a silent evening, you can still hear a train whistle blow as if a train were coming, but there is no train in sight for miles. Mysterious voices have been heard where the depot once stood.

Village Bears & More Shop – A ghostly woman has been seen peering out of the window. The building was formerly the Bordeaux and it is believed that the woman is still waiting for her male companion to return. On the night of her death, a red light shines down from the window onto the railroad tracks below.


Annex – A former stop on the Underground Railroad, this building is said to be haunted.

College of Wooster – Freedlander Theatre – Apparitions of people dressed in clothes from the early 20th century have been seen sitting in several rows waiting for the show to begin. They look as if they are laughing and talking, but cannot be heard.

Old Jaol Restaurant – The fine dining area of the former Wayne County Jail was at one time the cell block. The building is said to be haunted by the only man hanged in Wayne County. He served time in a cell on the basement floor, but was hanged on the third floor. Flickering lights, banging of steel bars and unexplainable calls to the tavern (in the former jail garage) from the dining phone are all blamed on his ghost. These happenings usually occur late in the evening or in the early morning hours.

Pizza Hut – Ghostly figures have been seen walking through walls and doors are heard opening when there are none. One manager who was locking up for the night heard footsteps following her. When she turned around, she saw a mist hanging in the air about three feet from her that quickly disappeared. A local historian informed our contributor that the entire College Hill Plaza was built on the site of a former insane asylum that was demolished in the 1930s. It is believed that this may contribute to this haunting and of the Taco Bell haunting below.

Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception – This Catholic school is said to be haunted by a mean nun named Sister Austin, who mostly sticks to the third grade room. Her spirit is only happy when someone is crying in the room. An electric pencil sharpener in the room turns on and off by itself. Witnesses have seen shadowy figures in the hallways and have heard and seen things drop and crash in the kitchen. The art room’s door occasionally slams shut on its own. All of the girls bathrooms have a creepy vibe and stall doors sometimes close on their own. It is unusually cold in the art room, Spanish room, gym/lunch room, prayer room, and all of the girls bathrooms. People have reported feeling a sudden tingle up and down their spine while inside the building.

Taco Bell – This fast food restaurant in Wooster is the site of ghostly music, usually comical or sad in nature. Only a few people can actually hear the music at any given time. The resident ghost has been known to occasionally grab people.

Wayne County Courthouse – Several employees have reported seeing a “Lady in Blue” in the courthouse. She usually appears on the courthouse’s top floor, but she has occasionally been seen elsewhere.