Trumbull County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Trumbull County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Shanks Phalanx Road Residence – A home along this road is believed to be haunted. Occupants of the home have heard things falling and conversations behind faint music, seemingly from the beyond. One witness clearly saw a very clear white figure of a young boy walking through the wall of the hall closet.


Hatchetman – A path off Corey Hunt Road leads back to a spooky swamp surrounded by dead trees. A metal cable blocks the road, so if one gets there in a car, the cable must be moved. There is said to be an abandoned house deep within the woods/swamp. This is where the Hatchetman and his family lived. It is said the Hatchetman killed his entire family with a hatchet, chopped them up and buried them in his yard. The spirits of his family and of Hatchetman himself are occasionally seen in the area. He is said to chase off those who get too close. Reports of hearing mysterious voices and footsteps are common among those who try to find the house. One group of people who were driving on the road before the barricade was set up reported they got stuck in the mud and left the car. Upon returning to the  car some time later, they found it pulled from the ditch and a no trespassing sign on the windshield.

Sager Memorial Cemetery – This cemetery is said to be very haunted during the nighttime. Upon entering the cemetery, there is a feeling of not being welcome, almost like a cloud of evil. Shadow people have been seen on the grounds and there have even been trails of blood on the ground. Some say they have seen the devil himself with razor sharp teeth and red eyes in the cemetery. On the not-so-scary side, the ghost of a boy named Damious is said to haunt the cemetery as well. (Credits: Thomas)


Champion Elementary – Students have claimed there once was a pool under the girl’s restroom where two students drowned years ago. Their spirits are said to haunt the school. They have been seen in the restroom laughing before disappearing.

Oak Hill Drive Farmhouse – There is always a feeling of being watched or followed at an old farmhouse in the 6600 block of Oak Hill Drive. Objects move overnight and faint voices of men chanting can be heard in the basement and family room. A shadow of a man can be seen in the middle bedroom on the far west side of the house. The activity seems particularly strong during the month of February.


Debra Place – There are many hauntings here. Most notable is the people who live there being awakened at night by feeling a presence in the room. Objects have been seen moving across the room in mid-air. Some of the objects seen moving follow a long white tail of a dress.

Kline Opera House – Built in 1841, this building was originally the first Methodist church in the county. The building was moved twice and today is haunted by a ghostly woman who plays piano and sometimes makes loud banging noises.

Pauni Apartments – Reports of doors slamming, objects moving, and uncomfortable feelings in bedrooms are common here. Eyewitnesses have seen a ghostly man walking the halls wearing an odd large hat. Some people believe the apartments were built atop an old Indian burial ground. Several tenants have complained about the hauntings and described various ghostly encounters in their apartments.


Dead Branch Forest – On Housel Craft Road off State Route 534 there is a small patch of forest surrounding a Grand River tributary called Dead Branch. The area is home to animal disappearances, rapid fires, voices, orbs and a lack of wildlife near a preservation, suggesting some sort of paranormal activity. This phenomenon may date back to the antagonistic relations between the Iroquois and Shawnee tribes who jointly controlled the county, even though neither actually lived there.


Girard Multi-Generation Center – Built in 1919 as a school, the center is said to be haunted by a little girl who was supposedly buried in the cement by accident. Her father was on the construction crew and she was bringing him lunch, but she never made it home. Those who were in the buildings after-hours have reported hearing the sound of a mop or broom handle hitting the floor, but could never find the source of the sound. One parent who was using the restroom during football practice had a faucet turn on when she was the only person in the restroom. Lights mysteriously turned on in the wee hours of the morning for no apparent reason.


Five Points – There are many legends and hauntings in the Five Points area. If you take the diagonal road, go under the bridge and put your car in neutral, you will feel it being pushed by the ghosts of children who supposedly died in a car crash there. It is also said that you can look back to see the ghost of an old man walking there. If you go down Amy Boyle Road, you will come up to a set of railroad tracks. If you stop on the tracks, put your car in neutral and honk your horn three times, a phantom train will appear heading straight toward your car. The house along the tracks is said to be haunted by a woman who was killed there. Even more legends of Five Points include ghosts of drowned witches, a ghostly car that plays chicken with motorists, and corpses hanging over the roads.


General Store – The basement of this flea market building is haunted by a man known as the man with the cherry pipe. His presence is often associated with the scent of cherry pipe smoke, although it can sometimes be felt. The basement is only open on request since employees do not like going into the basement.


Leavittsburg Cemetery – Also known as Lover’s Lane Cemetery, it is haunted by a lady in white. She bothers lovers who go to the cemetery for seclusion. The cemetery is also haunted by the ghosts of those whose coffins fell into the river due to erosion.


Lordstown Elementary – A shadowy figure of a three or four year old girl is sometimes seen in the school’s auditorium. Witnesses have reported hearing the little girl crying and sometimes screaming.


Southside Trails – Witnesses have reported feeling extreme coldness, shortness of breath, numbness, and a feeling like being stabbed in the leg at the top of the hill, which isn’t steep. Supposedly back in the 1700s, about 100 Indians were murdered there. Some people have reported seeing Indians passing by while on the top of the hill. (Credits: Skyler)


General Store – Legend says that many years ago a young man snuck up to the skating rink on the top floor of the general store on the south side of Mecca Square at two o’clock in the morning. He skated around and then down the middle of the floor from north to south. Unfortunately, he was unable to stop and few out of the third story window to his death. On some nights, he can still be heard making that fateful skate at two in the morning through the apartment walls that were later constructed on the floor. Between 1900 and 1910, the small children of Nellie and Charles Falkner, Doris and William, played on the back steps of the first floor while their parents ran the store. Their laughter and chatter can still be heard there at times during the day.

 Newton Falls 

Crybaby Bridge – This crybaby bridge is a historic bridge, one with a covered pedestrian walkway and the oldest of its kind. A woman who didn’t want her baby supposedly threw it off the bridge. It is said one can hear crying coming up from beneath the bridge to this day.

Sam’s Pizza Place – In the upstairs attic portion of the pizza place, employees have reported hearing voices and unexplained noises when no one else is around. The telephone is constantly ringing and no one talks on the other end. It is said that a 13-year-old boy haunts the place. He died on the premises before it was a pizza shop. Employees refuse to enter a sub-basement as it is also believed to be haunted. (Credits: Daniel Click)


Hill Top Cemetery – Faint cries and whispers of a ghostly child can be heard at this cemetery.


Post Office – Poltergeist activity has been reported in the old post office in this town.


Kenneth Biros House – On February 2, 1991, Kenneth Biros murdered a woman named Tami Engstrom, who he had persuaded to come with him to see the cabin, a shed in the woods, in his backyard. Biros proceeded to cut off her head, gutted her, and dismembered her body. He spread the body parts around Butler, Pennsylvania. Her ghost roams the woods behind the site of Biros’ house, just southwest of the railroad tracks. The house was destroyed by fire in 2005. Biros was executed in 2009 by lethal injection using a single drug, a first in the United States.


Belmont Park Cemetery – Just behind the Red Cross central office, this cemetery is reportedly haunted. A very weary and distraught widow of a Civil War officer threw herself into the river, which was much deeper at the time. Her apparition is seen every year during the winter months, either wearing a beautiful white gown or a blood-drenched white gown. Ghostly cries can sometimes be heard.

Central Parkway Home – Several witnesses have reported seeing the spirit of a young Indian woman around the property. When a room was added to the home in the mid-1900s, the remains of an Indian woman were found.

City Hall – Strange happenings occur inside Warren’s City Hall. It is haunted by the ghost of a woman who was responsible for her nephew’s death. She roams the grounds looking for him, calling his name. the building used to be the Perkins family mansion in the 1800s. After discovering his son’s body hanging from a tree (see Perkins Park below), the father hanged himself in the home’s office. Multiple people have called the police after seeing someone looking out of the window of city hall. The police search the building only to find no one inside.

Kent State University – Trumbull Campus – Night workers on the campus hear all kinds of knocks and tapping noises. After checking everything in the building, for both people and mechanical problems, they can never find an explanation. A medium who was called in indicated the campus had been built on what was formerly the grounds of a retirement home. The campus is haunted by those who passed away there. The mysterious sounds being heard is believed to be their tapping canes and walkers. The theater on campus is haunted by the apparition of a woman in blue. She is seen sitting outside the theater lobby. Some people have reported feelings of being watched and hearing footsteps.

Kinsman House – Believed to have been part of the Underground Railroad, the basement and stairs of the Kinsman House are said to be haunted. Late at night if there are only a few people around, witnesses can hear a low chanting and music coming from the basement. Doors open and close by themselves. Footsteps are heard behind people who are on the attic stairs when no one else is there.

Mahoning River Underground Railroad – Many period homes have secret passages and hidden doors. One such passage was a tunnel that was built beneath the Mahoning River, which has been blocked off for danger of collapse. It had collapsed once during its use to aid escaping slaves, trapping a group of slaves for days. At the time, their moans and screams were heard until they eventually died. On cool autumn nights, one can still hear their screams.

Old Inn Shrine – The abandoned house in the countryside was once an inn during the 1800s. An unknown traveler died there when he became ill. The innkeeper denied the man’s request for a priest to deliver last rites and he died unblessed. Soon after his death, mysterious things began to occur, tormenting the innkeeper. Dishes would break, strange lights were seen and the sound of a galloping ghostly horse was heard. The innkeeper’s nearby barn caught fire and his cattle died from an unknown illness. Driven to near sanity, the innkeeper donated his land and home to the church and built a small shrine. A priest is said to still visit the shrine once a year to conduct Mass.

Perkins Park – It has been said the Perkins family once lived on the land in the 1800s. The son of the family is said to have hanged himself a year after he graduated from Yale from one of the trees between the playground and amp. When the father discovered the body, he hanged himself in the office of their home (see City Hall above). Purple swirls have been seen in photos taken around the area where the son hanged himself.

Warren Judicial Courthouse – At one time, the courthouse had its own cells to jail those who awaited trial. The basement, where the cells were located, is home to the ghostly footsteps of those who met ill fate.