Shelby County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Shelby County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Lockington Dam – the dam is said to be the site of hundreds of suicides over the years. Many of those who took their own lives now haunt the dam. Legend says you can see a suicide reenacted on its anniversary.


Bonnyconnellan Castle – The castle is said to be haunted by a man in a blue uniform who examines a wedding dress that is displayed on the stair landing.

Bridgeview Middle School – It was said that a custodian who was sent down to the basement to check the furnace never returned. Students had reported hearing keys jingling near the basement area. Three students who went into the basement to explore reported hearing the jingling keys as well. They also found tunnels that led throughout the school and even saw a shadowy figure darting around. The building has since been demolished. (Credits: John Christman)

Crybaby Bridge – It is said that a woman and her baby once fell from this bridge and drowned in the water below. Motorists now hear the sounds of a baby crying every night at midnight.

Monumental Building – A ghostly Civil War soldier by the name of Sergeant Fair woke a city manager and ordered him to save Ohio’s oldest Civil War memorial, the Monumental Building. Being built in 1876, the building had fallen into disrepair by the 1990s. The city manager was able to receive a grant to have the building renovated from an opera hall to a city courtroom. A ghostly figure can sometimes be seen in the balcony there during court hearings.

William A. Ross Historical Center – The headquarters of the Shelby County Historical Society is haunted from its days as a funeral home. Many ghosts are known to haunt the building, causing objects to fall off of walls and are the source of mysterious footsteps.