Pickaway County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Pickaway County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Stage’s Pond – The sounds of a horse and buggy that were pulled into the pond in the 1800s can still be heard. The area around the pond was mostly quicksand.

Teays Valley High School – Several locations in the high school are said to be haunted. Ghostly footsteps have been heard in the main gymnasium. A large, heavy door that is usually locked near the band room has opened and closed by itself. The balcony is said to be haunted by figures hanging from the balcony or falling over the edge. Many students will not enter the balcony due to the activity there. Orbs regularly appear in photographs throughout the school.

Village House Restaurant – The restaurant is supposedly haunted by its former owner. The ghost is said to pull pranks, such as making things float and rearranging furniture.


Genealogical Library – Runaway slaves who once hid in the basement of the old house is said to haunt the place.

East Franklin Street House – Witnesses have seen a man wearing a blue jacket near the bathroom of the house. When the house is searched, no one is there. Several other instances of the paranormal have taken place in the home, including glasses that mysteriously shattered.

Franklin Street Firehouse – Chief J.M. Baer used to haunt the firehouse after he died there from a heart attack. Footsteps and shadowy figures could sometimes be seen. The firehouse has since been demolished.

Manna Pro Feed Mill – Employees at the mill say it is extremely haunted. Guards have reported seeing shadowy figures while doing rounds at night. Machinery will start on their own and the man-lifts rattle as if someone is getting on/off of it when nobody is there. Four known deaths have occurred at the mill.

Memorial Hall – A ghost in a blue uniform hants the hall. He is believed to be a Civil War veteran, maybe one who helped build the hall in the 1890s. Toilets have been known to flush by themselves and some have reported seeing the ghost in the reflection in the mirrors.

Pickaway Township Elementary – The ghosts of those who died on the property are said to haunt the 100-year-old school. Custodians and teachers have reported many strange activities and have seen the ghost of a child.

Roundhouse Theater – The theater is home to several ghosts. There have been many reports of mysterious sights and sounds, such as footsteps in the balcony. A dog was once so frightened by a ghost that it had to be removed from the building. A ghost named Charlie is said to be seen peering out of the mirrors into the eyes of the person looking into it.

Sunoco – The Sunoco on West Main Street next door to Hardee’s is supposedly haunted by a man who died from a brain aneurysm while working in the beer cooler. Night shift employees have reported seeing things moving on their own in the cooler and the feeling of being watched.

 Five Points 

Hannawalt Road – Sometime in the 1800s, a woman named Cathy was on her way to her wedding when someone spooked her horses and her buggy wrecked killing her. Many believe that her soon-to-be-husband caused the accident, although no one knew why. Cathy’s ghost can be seen walking down a hill in her wedding dress just off Hannawalt Road near the Deer Creek dam. People who have witnessed the ghost have reported strange things happening to them until they visited the grave of Cathy Smith at a nearby cemetery.

Hobuck School – The abandoned school on Dennis Road was haunted by a farmer who boarded up the school in an attempt to prevent kids from worshiping satan there. The farmer’s ghost was said to throw things at trespassers. The schoolhouse was demolished sometime between 2006-09.


Lockbourne Hell House – Once located down the driveway from Paul Peters Farm Cemetery, this house was haunted by shadowy figures that moaned and flickered the kitchen lights. It was said that anyone who lived in the house would have extremely bad luck. The original large brick farmhouse was ripped to shreds when a tornado passed through the area, killing the old man who lived there. A significantly smaller house was built in its place from scavenged material from the farmhouse. Two families that lived there had their husbands or fathers killed in violent car accidents. The last family who lived in the house lost their head-of-household when the home burned to the ground, killing him. All that remains of the house today is the foundation.

Paul Peters Farm Cemetery – Just south of the border of Franklin and Pickaway counties is the Paul Peters Farm Cemetery, also known as the old Cholera Cemetery. No tombstones can be seen from the road since many have been destroyed or are buried in the ground. Electronic equipment has failed while on the premises of the cemetery for no apparent reason. Cold spots can be felt and electromagnetic field readings are high at the front of the cemetery. It is said that hangings used to take place from a large tree in the cemetery and the bodies were buried there. Screams have been heard coming from the cemetery at night.