Muskingum County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Muskingum County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Sidwell House – This old brick house was said to be haunted by a family who was killed there. As the story went, a husband who drank too much snapped one morning as he was watching his wife prepare breakfast. He went upstairs, retrieved his shotgun, went back downstairs and shot his wife in the back. He then went back upstairs and killed his three children as they slept. One could occasionally smell bacon frying in the kitchen after that event, even though no one was cooking. The house has since been demolished. (Credits: Brian Edwards)


Martin House – This house contained a very small, almost airtight, secret room the basement that was used for the Underground Railroad. Family members who once lived in the now-condemned house would not enter the basement due to a “mean feeling” there. An instant cold would surround you as you began to descend the stairway and you could feel the pent-up anger from something still down there. Witnesses have seen movement and forms of people when they were alone.


Saint Matthew’s Episcopal Cemetery – Visitors to the cemetery often feel like they’re being watched. The apparitions of a man wearing coveralls and work boots has frequently been seen. He approaches vehicles, only to disappear before making to to the car.

 Duncan Falls 

Bridge Street Bridge – The Duncan Falls Bridge is supposedly haunted by three little kids who left their house after their mother passed away and were left with their abusive father. The three children went to live on one of the islands in the Muskingum River near the bridge. The river flooded one night and the children did not survive. This scene is said to play out at midnight on certain nights. (Credits: Becky Omer)

 New Concord 

Muskingum University – A site of multiple hauntings. See Muskingum University below for details.

Private Residence – A private residence in New Concord is the site of numerous accounts of paranormal activity. The strangeness began shortly after a large tree fell onto the house some years ago. Since then, appliances turn themselves on and off, a heavy television was moved from the TV stand onto the bed with tapes circling it, and the front door of a VCR in the living room goes in and out on its own. A dark shadowy figure has been seen walking in the kitchen and standing next to the back door. Dogs in the home bark and growl at the fireplace and random locations. One dog even hid under a bed after an episode and died a week later.


Siesta Motel – This motel is haunted by an angry man who was killed there in 1994 by a burglar. The man had been in an argument with his mother and booked a room at the motel to get away. His mother called him later that night, further enraging him. Shortly after he fell asleep, he was awakened by the sound of someone in his room. Assuming it was his mother, the man attacked the figure in the dark. It turned out to be a burglar, who in turn, killed the man. The man’s ghost has roamed the entire building since that day. The ghost is known to slam doors, turn lights off, whisper vulgarities, and take things and put them in odd places. Some have even reported being hit by the dark-haired man. Related: OES Visit

Stumpy’s Hollow – First sighted in the early 1800s, the ghost of a man-faced dog haunts the hollow. He spooked horses and cattle in the area for a while and tugged on young girl’s sleeve and ran away. She and her brother had a good look at him. The creature even once jumped into a carriage that was transporting a doctor making a house call. There have not been any recent sightings of the man-faced dog.

 Muskingum University 

Dean’s House – It is said that on certain nights, one can stand in the middle of the outdoor theater and look up to the Dean’s House and see a ghost looking back at you from the uppermost window.

Finney Hall – Many students have requested room transfers from Room 104 due to paranormal activity. Witnesses have reported waking up to see a heavyset blonde girl watching them sleep.

Little Theater – This old, slightly run-down building once served as the school’s gymnasium when the campus only had three buildings. Creaking noises and footsteps from the beyond can often be heard.

Patton Hall – Several ghosts haunt this building. In one room where a RA committed suicide, it is always either too hot or too cold. The silhouette of a woman swinging can sometimes be seen in the window. Lights go on and off by themselves in a certain corner of the room and the ghosts are known to lock people out of the building.

The Hollow – This short, winding path that cuts through some woods is said to harbor a few ghosts. Odd mists hang over the path at night and full-bodied apparitions can sometimes be seen.

Thomas Hall – Witnesses have reported seeing shadowy figures out of the corner of their eye in this residential building. Objects have randomly fallen on their own and doors open and close with no reason. Some have described a weird energy in the place, particularly in Room 113 where a presence can be felt even when one is alone. A resident of the hall stated that his laptop turned on by itself and began playing the audio portion of a video he had watched days prior.


Philo Bridge – The bridge between Philo and Duncan Falls is supposed to be haunted by the cries of babies that were murdered there. A different version of the legend says that a teenage boy was babysitting his infant brother while his parents were out. For some reason, the teenager got into the family vehicle with his brother. The car went off the bridge and the baby was killed in the accident.


Roseville Prison – This former satellite prison of the Ohio Penitentiary just outside of Zanesville is said to be haunted. On some nights, the ghost of a woman dressed in white can be seen falling from the roof of the building in a reenactment of her suicide. Ghostly, shadowy images have been seen peering out of the guard tower. The property is privately owned and permission should be obtained prior to visiting. (Credits: Ally and Chris)


Prospect Place – Built between 1856-57, this mansion is haunted by a few spirits. One ghost is believed to belong to a girl who jumped out of a window during a big dinner party. A mother and daughter who lived in the mansion during the 1860s are also said to haunt the property. The daughter died during a very long and cold winter. Her mother caught pneumonia and died a short time later, while waiting for the ground to thaw so she could bury her daughter. Their spirits remain in the mansion to this day, mostly hanging out around the fireplace.

 White Cottage 

Bagley House – Various people have witnessed odd things at the house and the sound of laughter could sometimes be heard coming from the barn. A ghostly woman had been seen peering out of the upstairs window by multiple witnesses. The structure has been demolished.


Black Joe – The ghost of an old slave who died while escaping the South via the Underground Railroad is said to haunt the streets of Putnam (a section of Zanesville) and the building that he was buried beneath.

Cemetery Road Cemeteries – Ghostly figures are said to haunt the cemeteries on either side of the road. They are often seen during the night standing along the side of the road next to their graves, seemingly unaware they are dead. The figures disappear soon after they are seen. (Credits: Alyssa Peugh)

Chandlersville Road Residence – A home in the 2200 block of Chandlersville Road is reportedly haunted. A President Kennedy plate has flown off of the wall and onto the lit burners of the stove several times. The sound of a cane hitting the floor can be heard and when checked upon, the sound stops. Attempts to record the sound have failed. (Credits: Clarice)

Convent of St. Thomas – A ghostly nun is sometimes seen kneeling down at the altar in front of the tabernacle.

Ellis Bridge – This bridge stands above the northern lock on the Muskingum River. Below it is a bike path bridge that was once a railroad bridge. Much of the bridge had to be rebuilt after the flood of 1913, which killed many local residents. Since then, mysterious lights have been seen around the bridge late at night.

James Madison School – Built in the 1850s, the school is supposed to have a haunted basement. It is speculated that the ghost could be that of Black Joe (see above), who may have been buried there.

Masonic Temple Building – This building on 4th Street has a long history. Built for the Masons in 1903, it has housed two lodges and many businesses. Numerous paranormal experiences have occurred there, including recording electronic voice phenomenon. The ballroom is particularly haunted, where the ghostly image of a woman has appeared, piano music is heard, and both male and female voices have been recorded. Some stories center on a tragic elevator accident, a possible suicide, and individuals who are attached to the building. Women have experienced their hair being touched. The scent of tobacco smoke has been noted, as well as whistling. Sadly, the Masonic Temple Building was destroyed by a fire in January 2022. (Credits: Gary Felumlee)

Moxahala Avenue – Ghosts of Civil War soldiers and escaped slaves have been seen along this road and sometimes on Putnam Avenue.

Moxahala Burial Ground – In the Putnam section of Zanesville, the cemetery is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman named Miss Arnold. She died at a young age and was buried in the cemetery. Her body was stolen a short time later by Dr. Connant, a local doctor, and some of his students. The doctor’s horse handler found the body beneath a haystack on his property. When the town marshal went to retrieve the body, it had disappeared one again. Miss Arnold’s ghost now haunts the burial ground, looking for her body.

Muskingum County Courthouse – Ghostly figures in colonial-period clothing are often seen walking along the riverfront near the courthouse.

Richvale Road Apartments – The apartments in the 1300 block of Richvale Road are reportedly haunted. Residents have reported seeing apparitions in their apartments and doors mysteriously open by themselves. Others have reported feeling cold spots and have heard strange sounds. Items have also moved on their own accord.

Secrest Auditorium – Mr. Secrest is said to haunt the auditorium. He is often seen in the balcony and on the stairs. He is occasionally seen carrying a ladder. Mr. Secrest died in 1993, but the auditorium was said to be haunted before then.

Senior Citizen Center – The ghost of John C. Hazlett, whose house once stood on the site, is said to haunt one of Zanesville’s senior citizen centers. Hazlett led volunteer troops during the Civil War from Zanesville to Stone’s River, Tennessee, where he was killed by a musket ball during the battle. He was buried near his home, which was later built over by a church that now serves as the senior center.

Sherwood Drive Residence – Lights turn off and on, and sometimes explode, in a house on Sherwood Drive. The garage door will open and close and a man can be seen walking around. There was an ever-present cold spot in a closet and rocking chairs would rock on their own. The first owner of the house reportedly died there. (Credits: Maria)

Steven Guthrie House – Ghostly whispers can be heard in the attic of this house.

Stone Academy – This building is said to be haunted and around Halloween, tours are given of the building.

Y-Bridge – The Licking River ghost rattles windows in the homes around the bridge. The spirit of Doctor Isaac Fowler, whose horse missed the bridge and plunged into the river one foggy night, is also said to haunt the bridge. On foggy nights, he is said to repeat his ride to death.

Zanesville Community Theater – During rehearsals, ghostly music and people talking can be heard from backstage. When investigated, nobody is found.