Morrow County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Morrow County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Private Residence – A private residence in the town of Chesterville is haunted. Residents have reported hearing strange, unexplainable noises, including a ghostly sneeze. One resident was about to go downstairs when he witnessed a woman wearing a full length floral robe go past the foot of the stairs. When he reached the bottom of the stairs, he asked his wife, who was wearing a powder blue knee length robe, if she had company. She did not. (Credits: Daniel Davis)

 Mount Gilead 

Morrow County Home – The old county home near Mount Gilead was reportedly haunted, although the details of the haunt are unknown. The building was demolished sometime between 1995 and 2005. Only the barn remains standing today.