Ashland County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Ashland County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Brookside West Park – The area around an old brown bridge just southeast of the pond is said to be haunted by a girl who was hanged in the adjacent wooded area. Screams can sometimes be heard coming from the woods, along with the sound of something heavy being thrown into the pond.

Haunted Tunnel – Just off Route 42 on Township Road 1536 is a haunted tunnel. Legend says that if you stop just inside the tunnel heading west, turn off your headlights and put the car in neutral, your vehicle will be pushed or pulled through the tunnel even though the ground is completely flat. Some eyewitnesses have even reported seeing hand prints on the trunks or backs of their vehicles that were not previously there. Many have reported a heavy or ominous feeling around the tunnel. Orbs and mists allegedly show up in photographs taken at the tunnel. This could be attributed to the naturally foggy area and other environmental factors.

Katotawa Creek – The creek near the site of Katotawa Community Club (formerly the Riddle School) is said to be haunted by its namesake, an Indian by the name of Katotawa. Katotawa was peaceful with the white settlers to the area and was a great help and guide for them. However, one settler thought the only good Indian was a dead Indian. Katotawa was killed, beheaded and his head was thrown into the creek. Katotawa’s body was buried on a hill near the Riddle School. Katotawa’s headless ghost is now said to haunt the creek at night.

Union Street Bridge – A ghostly hobo has been seen on the Union Street railroad overpass.

 Lake Fork 

County Road 175 – This stretch of road is haunted by an Indian scouring the nearby creek bed for wood to make handles for his tomahawk.


Landoll’s Mohican Castle – The land that the castle was built on was previously the site of an English/German church. At some point in the late 1800s, the church disputed over which language to speak during worship services. The English won the dispute. The Germans decided to dig up the bodies of their relatives buried in the cemetery and re-inter them to another location down the road. Not long after, the church mysteriously burned to the ground. The current owners of he site have been plagued by fires ever since acquiring the property in 1991. A children’s book factory on the property burned to the ground in 1992. The facility moved to another location where they also experienced strange fires. It was later burned beyond repair. The on-site restaurant burned down on the castle property in 2007. None of the fires were officially solved. Some believe the land is cursed. Guests of the resort have reported seeing a girl wearing a blue dress in the graveyard. People have reported hearing crying in the cemetery and pool building at night. The pool building was built where the church originally sat. Guests have also reported seeing Civil War era soldiers in their rooms.

Mohican State Park – The park is said to be haunted by an Indian looking to kill his next victim. An asylum occupied the park in the 1800s and a mysterious light has been seen there for over 20 years.

 New London 

Hereford Station – In the mid-1890s, Hereford Station was a bustling stop on the B&O Railroad. Though nothing is left of the town today, a hotel, restaurant and railroad depot once stood in the valley just south of New London on Route 60. Augusta Bauman came to the area to work in Hereford’s restaurant. Being a single mother of two children, Bauman was said to have become involved with the married owner of the restaurant. When the man found out that she was planning on leaving with another suitor, he killed her and dumped her body in the nearby creek. For more than 100 years, railroad workers have reported seeing a distressed young woman roaming the edge of the woods that line the tracks. Local residents have reported seeing a white-faced woman peering into their windows at night.

Township Road 126 Bridge – The ghostly figure of a woman has been seen near the bridge spanning Buck Creek on Township Road 126. It is unknown if she is connected to the Hereford Station haunting above.


Perrysville Haunted House – There is an abandoned house in Perrysville that no one has lived in for long stretches of time due to the paranormal activity. The home is reportedly haunted by a young woman who was murdered by her jealous boyfriend. Her image appears in the window and mysterious groaning sounds have been heard. One couple who had purchased the home had started renovations, only to abandon their half-finished project and flee.


Kno-Ho-Co Head Start – Formerly Sullivan High School, the building is supposedly haunted. Flashing lights have been seen through the windows after hours.