Adams County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Adams County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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 Blue Creek 

Mount Unger Cemetery – It is said that if you go to the cemetery at night, one can see a man who hanged himself in the cemetery. He committed suicide so he could be with his wife whom he had murdered.


Dunkinville Church – This church on State Route 41 between West Union and Peebles placed a new door on the front of the building many years ago. The door was painted white, but some color later bled through that resembled Jesus with his hand outstretched. The door was repainted several times, but the image always reappeared. The door was finally removed from the front of the church, painted gray, and used as the back door. As you may have guessed, the image still appeared.


AAA Bentley Farms – It was Christmas Eve when Otis Hilterbrand froze to death while getting a stack of wood for the fire. His wife and daughter had gone to Eastgate to do some shopping when Otis slipped and fell. He was knocked unconscious and died on the doorstep of the back porch. His body was not found until the next morning. However, this was not the first death at the residence. Years earlier, Otis’ mother had passed away after being bedridden for many decades. Her bed was located on the windowless east side of the house. Many strange events have occurred and have no explanation other than paranormal. An older gentleman wearing overalls can be seen walking behind the house. The TV power dies unexplainably and when the new roof was being put on, a 2×4 flew up and cracked one of the workers upside the head…there was no wind. While working on the barn, the former owner slipped with an ax and cut himself on the leg. While this was happening, the screen doors of the house were opening and closing at random One calm night with a full moon, the eastern side of the house began to shake and continued to do so for ten minutes. The people sleeping in the bed were scared awake. Sometimes Otis can be seen on the premises and is even talked to by the home’s inhabitants and visitors. When he is unhappy, he lets his presence be known. (Credits April & Arin Bentley)

Abner Hollow – This stretch of West Fork Road is rumored to be haunted by a middle-aged man who was riding his horse when he was struck by a speeding motorist in the 1950s. He was beheaded and the horse was killed. It is said that on Halloween and on dark, moonless nights, his spirit can be seen wandering the roadside. (Credits: April & Arin Bentley)


Counterfeit House – This house, that was run by a counterfeiter in the 1850s, is said to be haunted by both the counterfeiter and the police officer killed there when he tried to shut down the operation. The house has since become a tourist attraction. Employees have seen the figure of a man in the doorway and visitor have felt cold spots and the presence of something unknown. (Credits: David Barnett)

Horse Haven – It is said that a herd of untamed horses broke free of the farm near Germany Hill one stormy night. The herd ran through the woods toward Tom Hurley Road and upon reaching the cliff, they ran off it. Every once in awhile one can still hear the herd of horses running through the woods.

Presbyterian Church – The church bell that was rang every Sunday was rang by the same man for nearly 100 years. The man who rang the bell has long since died and the bell is no longer in use. His ghost can sometimes be seen late at night walking around the bell, as if he were fixing it.

West Front Street Residence – Residents of a home in the 400 block of West Front Street have reported seeing figures inside the home. One shadowy figure appears to be a man about 6’3″. A huge crashing sound has also been heard at the location, as if someone had broken into the house, but no one else is around.


Serpent Mound – It is believed that Serpent Mound was built by either the Adena culture or Fort Ancient culture to mark a hotspot of paranormal activity. Some claim the mound builders themselves now haunt the mound. Related: OES Visit

 West Union 

Raider’s Cave – This cave in Greene Township is said to be haunted by the ghosts of victims murdered by James Girty and his raiders in the 1700s. The cave itself is located near Black’s Run and contained a few rooms. One room even had a spring that was accessible by a ladder.

Stony Creek Cemetery – The ghost of a decapitated man can be seen under an oak tree near the creek. The ghost is believed to be the spirit of an unidentified man whose body was discovered there in 1825. The man’s head had been forcibly removed, as opposed to having been cut off by a sharp instrument, and was missing. There was no blood evidence at the scene, which led authorities to believe he had been killed elsewhere and his body dumped in the cemetery. The murder was never solved and the man was never identified. NOTE: There is no Stony Creek Cemetery in Adams County, but we believe this location may actually be Stone Chapel Cemetery.

Wickerhamm Inn – Sometime in the 1800s, a man who was staying at the inn did not show up for breakfast one morning. upon inspecting his room, the owner found bloodstains on the floor but no signs of the man. Years later during remodeling, workers discovered the skeleton of the missing man under the floorboards, but the did not find his head. The bloodstains are still soaked into the floor and cannot be scrubbed out. The man is said to haunt the place, looking for his head. Odd occurrences, like mysterious footsteps and the piano playing by itself, are contributed to the ghost. One witness in the early 1970s even saw two Hot Wheels cars racing around the track on their own.


Noble Mansion – Built in the 1870s by Doctor Arthur Noble, his former home is reportedly haunted. The apparition of an elderly gentleman who is very well dressed has been seen looking out of the window, as if he is looking for someone. Psychics have felt a female presence in the backyard of the home. The ghost of a little girl, who is believed to have drowned in the adjacent pond, has been seen by several people over the years. A neighbor even once captured the spirit in the background of a photo! (Credits: Sandy Lee)

Winchester Cemetery – It is said that real tears flow from a statue in the cemetery. There is also a circle of graves in the cemetery that contains children and a baby buried in the middle. Voices of children can be heard calling your name if you approach the baby’s tombstone at night.