Slate Run Metro Park

Slate Run Metro Park is one of the more active parks in the Columbus area. Complete with a living historical farm, Slate Run encompasses over 1,700 acres that include shelter houses, playgrounds, fishing areas, and nearly twelve miles of hiking/horse trails. Interestingly, the entire slate run area was misnamed by the area’s early pioneers. The blackish rock along the Slate Run Creek is actually shale that was formed almost 350 million years ago, not slate as the pioneers had thought. Regardless, the area’s soil was rich and ripe and many of the area’s trees were cleared for farming. It wasn’t until the start of World War One that many of the trees in the park today got their start. Since that time, the wetlands have been restored and the prairies preserved. These features make Slate Run one of the more interesting parks in the Metro Parks system.

Location Information: Public Park

Slate Run Metro Park is located at 1375 State Route 674 N near Marcy; Pickaway County.