Hayden Falls

The OES visited Hayden Falls on June 8, 2004. The falls are located off Hayden Run Road just west of Griggs Dam in northwest Columbus. They are part of the Griggs Reservoir Park. The beautiful Hayden Falls were one of the city’s best kept secrets as many people would not expect such a site in an urbanized area. Several people were swimming in the pool beneath the falls at the time of our visit. They stated they had even seen people jumping from the top of the falls, which isn’t a good idea as it’s both illegal and dangerous. There was only a small gravel pull-off parking area on Hayden Run Road and an unimproved trail down a steep hill during our visit. The city has since installed a nice wooden stairway, boardwalk, a paved parking lot and two overlook areas above the falls. The area has been designated a nature preserve and as such, leaving the boardwalk and/or swimming at the falls is now prohibited. Even with the improvements, the ravine is still impassable at times after heavy rain. The falls are often reduced to a small trickle during summer dry spells. Hayden Falls reach a height of about 25 feet with a crest of around ten feet. With all of the city’s improvements at the site, the falls have become a popular destination for area residents.

Location Information: Public Park

Hayden Falls are located near the intersection of Hayden Run Road and Franz Road; Franklin County.