Glen Echo Park

The OES originally visited Glen Echo Park on October 10, 2003. We have since returned numerous times. The park is located in one of the three ravines north of the Ohio State University campus. Glen Echo Ravine is located in Clintonville. When the ravine was originally developed, Parkview Drive snaked through its earthen walls, but the road has since been removed and partly replaced with a bicycle path. Like the better-known Walhalla Ravine, Glen Echo has its fair share of legends.

Ghostly figures have been seen in the creek between the Indianola bridge and the park’s bridge near the center of the park. Our very own Jason Colwell, Director of Paranormal Investigations, witnessed this figure for himself one night. Unfortunately, he did not have a camera with him that night. Colwell described seeing a man walking in the creek and decided to run around a bush to get a better view of the person, thinking the man was a vagrant. As Colwell rounded the bush, the man he saw had disappeared.

The ghost of a gothic girl is said to hang out on or near the park’s bridge at the center of the park. The ghost of a homeless man who froze to death has been seen around the drainage tunnel that runs beneath the Indianola overpass. Another area in the park known as “Ten Pin” is a set of concrete barriers installed in the creek bed to disrupt large objects from clogging the nearby tunnel. The spirit of a witch who used to conduct ceremonies at that location supposedly haunts the area. We did see two dark figures emerge from around a corner as we checked out the park’s central bridge during our nighttime trip. They ended up being some drunk guys using the park as a shortcut through the neighborhood, not anything paranormal.

Location Information: Public Park

Glen Echo Park is located at 510 Cliffside Drive in Clintonville; Franklin County.