Shrum Mound

The OES visited Shrum Mound on September 4, 2002. Located in Campbell Park on the west side of Columbus along McKinley Avenue, Shrum Mound is one of the last remaining conical mounds in Columbus. Believed to have been built around 2,000 years ago by the Adena culture, Shrum Mound stands 20 feet tall with a diameter of 100 feet. The mound was covered with grass and had trees growing from its side. A dirt path led to the top of the mound where you could stand and enjoy the view. An old limestone quarry surrounds the park except for where it connects to the road. Shrum Mound closely resembles the Conus Mound in Marietta, also built by the Adena. Mounds of this type were very common across the entire region only to have fallen to agriculture and development. It was quite surprising to us that Shrum Mound did not fall into the grasp of the quarry and disappear forever like so many other sacred Native American sites.

Location Information: Public Park

Shrum Mound is part of Campbell Park on McKinley Avenue, one mile south of Trabue Road in Columbus; Franklin County.