Historical – Circleville

Below are historical photographs of Circleville, located in Pickaway County. Circleville was established as the seat of Pickaway County in 1810. Its name derives from the circular portion of a large Hopewell mound that it was built on. The earthwork was described in 1772 as having a 1,100 foot diameter circle connected to a 900 foot square. The town’s plans integrated the mound into the plotting of land, hence the town was laid out in a circle with an octagon courthouse standing at its center. Many people were unsatisfied with Circleville’s unique layout and the town was converted to a more traditional grid system in the 1830s. In 1903, Circleville began to host an annual Pumpkin Show that still continues today, bringing in thousands of visitors. Circleville’s claim to fame is a man named Ted Lewis. Lewis was a performer who was known for his top hat, cane, and clarinet. He was born and raised in Circleville, where there is now a museum dedicated to him. The “Father of Ohio’s Public School System,” Caleb Atwater, also lived in Circleville for many years. The photos of the round-town below are from a variety of years.