Camp Anderson

The OES visited the Civil War’s Camp Anderson in April of 1861. Using our time machine, we were transported back in time to watch the 17th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment be formed. The camp was one of the better camps of the Civil War since it was in close proximity to a major town. They had fresh bread, bacon, beef and potatoes, so there was very little sickness. After growing to about 1,000 strong, the 17th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment was ordered to western Virginia, where they found a Confederate recruiting station closing. They secured the area and guarded the railroads. Company A of the regiment served as General McClellan’s personal bodyguards of some time. Although the men only signed on to serve a 90-day enlistment, most of them re-enlisted for three years, and more served until the war came to a close in April of 1865.

Location Information: Public Park

The re-enactment was located at the Smeck Historical Farm at 7395 Basil Road in Baltimore; Fairfield County.