Public Presentations

The Ohio Exploration Society is proud to offer presentations to the public. OES members have given presentations at various libraries, clubs and organizations across the state of Ohio. We require the host provide a projector with screen or other white surface. A large screen TV with an HDMI input is also acceptable. We prefer the host provide speakers as well, but we can provide them if none are available. While this service is provided free of charge, we do accept donations to cover travel costs. If you plan to donate, please make the check payable to the individual presenter. We can also create an invoice for the amount you plan to donate if required by your organization. If you would like to schedule a presentation, email .

Paranormal Presentation

PresentationsSampleOur paranormal presentations are offered by seasoned paranormal investigators who have years of experience in the field. Each presenter will share some of their personal experiences in addition to the bullet points below. The runtime of the paranormal presentation is approximately 60 minutes.

  • A brief introduction to the Ohio Exploration Society. This includes who we are, what we do and a little bit of our history.
  • What are ghosts? We cover some of the popular theories about different types of haunts.
  • We define some of the common terminology associated with the paranormal.
  • We instruct the audience how they can look for ghosts on their own.
  • We speak about nearby haunted locations. We do make an attempt to visit each haunted location listed on the presentation prior to the event so we can share any first-hand experiences.
  • We speak about the various types of equipment that we use and will have some equipment on-hand to demonstrate.
  • We share some of the best evidence that we have collected during our investigations over the years.
  • We may provide recommended books about Ohio’s haunts.
  • At closing, we will have a Q&A session and invite the audience to share their experiences with the group.

Urban Exploration Presentation