Meet The Members

The Ohio Exploration Society consists of both urban explorers and paranormal investigators throughout the state of Ohio. Members of the OES vary in age, education, profession, ethnicity and religion, as to include people from all walks of life. We all share the common desire to explore and preserve the history of Ohio’s historical, abandoned and forgotten sites, and to document and investigate Ohio’s haunts and legends. While not all of our members are listed below, the Ohio Exploration Society consists of approximately 25 individuals.

Ohio Exploration Society Members

The following Ohio Exploration Society members are the essential core of the OES. They consult and plan upcoming explorations and investigations and provide the majority of the research on the website. Without their hard work and dedication, this website would not exist.

Jason Robinson – Founder, President, Webmaster, Media Relations
Jay Maynard – Co-Founder, Director of District 6
Matt Stilwell – Vice President, Explorer, Investigator
Philip Niklas – Secretary, Exploration Coordinator, Researcher
Matt Walbright – Treasurer, Geocaching Coordinator Private email
Jason Colwell – Director of Paranormal Investigations; Private email
Jodie Robinson – Director of Genealogical Research Private email



The individuals listed below are member of the Ohio Exploration Society. Listed in no particular order, they attend many of the explorations and investigations that we conduct each year. Several OES members have elected not to be listed in this directory.
Larry Copeland – Intuitive Medium Private email
Robbie Rose – Explorer, Investigator Private email
Chaz Simmermon – Explorer, Investigator Private email
Chris Carpenter – Explorer, Investigator Private email
Grant Hawkins – Explorer Private email
Amy Bates – Explorer Private email
Andrea Critchett – Investigator, Alternative Religion Specialist Private email
Barbara Rose – Explorer Private email
TJ Bartee – Explorer Private email
Jennifer Carpenter – Investigator Private email
Randi Stilwell – Investigator Private email
Jessica Walbright – Investigator Private email
Bennie Sprouse – Explorer, Investigator Private email