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Reported haunted locations in Greene County

Posted: 3:42 pm – October 30th, 2015
Editor’s note: The following is part of a series of local ghost stories and legends leading up to Halloween

GREENE COUNTY – Several locations around Greene County are said to be haunted. The following is a summary of some of those locations and historical/legendary accounts:

Xenia: The old Spring Hill Elementary School building is said to have been haunted by the ghost of a teacher murdered there, searching for the person who killed her.

Beavercreek High School: A former school teacher who was murdered is said to haunt the halls of the school. Some have reported footsteps and some have seen the teacher’s ghost walking through the building.

Little Sugar Creek: A young woman who was said to be involved in an illicit affair with Bellbrook’s mayor is said to have killed herself by jumping into the creek after being rejected by the politician. Some have reported seeing her wandering along the banks of the creek singing to a bundle in her arms.

Little Sugar Creek: The body of a man who operated a sawmill along Little Sugar Creek was found headless in his cabin. His murder was reportedly never solved and some day his ghost haunts the area around where his cabin was located.

Yellow Springs: Accounts say that if one stops on the Hyde Road bridge, one can hear a child crying and a mother running around the area. A story says that the mother killed her child before killing herself.

Trebein Road: A bride who was reportedly killed on her way to her wedding is said to haunt an area along Trebein Road. An account states that she was killed after being thrown from a carriage on the way to her wedding when the carriage hit a rock in the road.

United States Air Force Museum: The museum is reportedly haunted by ghosts near the museum’s displays. According to one website, guards have reported moving objects and other unexplained sounds.

Greene County News Report compiled by Nathan Pilling. Information collected from the websites of the following groups: Ghosts of the Prairie, Ghosts of Ohio and Ohio Exploration Society.

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Thank you to Nathan Pilling for including the OES as a reference for his article about haunted locations in Greene County.