The Blue & Gold – 10/24/2003

Halloween Hangouts

Friday, October 24, 2003
The Blue & Gold

Area cemeteries have intrigued locals for years. Ghostly apparitions, orbs, and strange sounds have been reported and documented. Legends and myths have been told to further influence the mystery of local haunts.

The Archbold area is not immune to these ghost stories. It is said that Goll’s Woods is haunted. Personal experience is the only way to know for sure.

The Goll’s were one of the first families in Williams County. Legend has it they were eventually banished into the woods. There is a small cemetery in the middle of the woods where some of the Goll’s are buried.

Some say that there is a black tombstone that is always warm to the touch. Craig Kerbs and I went to Goll’s Woods to see if this was true. We found out that there is not a big black tombstone in the middle of the cemetery. Craig said, “I was disappointed that we didn’t find a warm tombstone. It took away from the mystery of the woods.”

Even though we did not find the big black tombstone, we found several smaller ones. None of them were warm to the touch so we found that the myth was not true. This doesn’t mean that you can’t try it out for yourself.

In Evansport, located between Defiance and Archbold, there is a notorious cemetery simply known as Buck Cemetery. The entrance to the closed cemetery is recovered in a dense growth of trees, where people have seen a mysterious light that soon disappears.

The legend of Mr. Buck is mysterious and unknown. It is believed that he was either a guard or caretaker of the cemetery. It is also believed that he was a horse thief who was caught and hung.

If you would like to find more information on some scary places to go for Halloween, check the Internet. There are many other haunted places in the area including BGSU and the Fulton County Historical Museum in Wauseon.

Some websites I used for my article are and they both have interesting information worth checking out.

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