SyFy: Haunted Highway – 12/4/2013

OES Founder Jason Robinson and Vice President Matt Stilwell were interviewed on-camera about their paranormal experiences at Moonville Tunnel by Devin Marble and Jael de Pardo for SyFy’s Haunted Highway television show in March 2013. The filming took place at Mama Renie’s Pizza in downtown McArthur, the nearest town of substance to Moonville. The episode was originally scheduled to air later in the second season of Haunted Highway, but was bumped up to the second episode. The show also featured a video filmed by Jannette Quackenbush and the hosts’ investigation of the tunnel and nearby cemetery.

Haunted Highway: Season 2 Episode 2

You may purchase and watch the entire episode on YouTube, Amazon, or iTunes.


Thank you to Devin Marble and Jael de Pardo for conducting an on-camera interview with two OES members as part of their Moonville Tunnel episode, Season 2 Episode 2.