Internet Scout Project – 9/27/2002

A little background information first. The Internet Scout Project is a group from the University of Wisconsin-Madison that publishes a weekly report (The Scout Report) about the valuable resources on the Internet. In operation since 1994, it is one of the oldest and most respected publications in the community. Open to professional librarians, educators, content specialists, and interested general public, they take information about the best of what they found, summarize it and include it in their report. On September 27, 2002, the Ohio Exploration Society was featured in the General Interest portion of The Scout Report. You may either read the article below or visit their website to read the article there.

Ohio Exploration Society

Frequently updated, the Ohio Exploration Society site is devoted to documenting the history and development of numerous sites of cultural importance, including cemeteries, Indian mounds, parks, and other aspects of the built environment. Extensive photo documentation is offered on the site, with commentary on each of the locales that provides background information about the history of each site. For those who may be interested in joining the Ohio Exploration Society, membership information is provided, along with a Code of Conduct for those interested in the expeditions. The site is rounded out by a selection of links that deal with exploring different parts of Ohio.

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Thanks to the anonymous visitor for sending us the information about the article. Thanks also goes to the Internet Scout Project for recognizing the OES in their article. It is a great privilege to be included in such a recognized publication.