Blogging Ohio – 10/19/2006

Ohio 360°

Thursday, October 19, 2006
By: Tom Barlow

The Ohio Exploration Society is a group dedicated to documenting Ohio’s historical sites, both well-known and virtually forgotten, and paranormal occurrences associated with them. They’ve put together a nice web site of audiovisual records.

What I particularly enjoy are the 360° user-directed panoramas of spots such as the Moonville Tunnel near Athens (don’t you love that name?) and the Greenlawn Abbey, said to be haunted by the ghost of resident Thurston the Magician.

They also offer paranormal investigations, and have posted some video, audio and photos of suspicious sightings and “haunted’ locations in the state.

Now you know the answer to the question, if you live in Ohio, who you gonna call?

Thanks to Tom Barrow for writing about the Ohio Exploration Society on the Blogging Ohio website. Tom, we’re happy you enjoy the 360° photos, there are more to come!