We are often asked what equipment we use. Below is a detailed list of most of the equipment used by members of the Ohio Exploration Society. In applicable cases, we have provided links to places that sell the exact equipment that we use, just click the photo next to the description to get the link. We earn commissions for some product links at no additional cost to you. For a detailed list of what you may need before heading out on our own adventures, check out the Exploration Gear page.


Sony a6400
Digital Camera
The current primary camera used for the OES, bought in 2019. It is a 24.2 megapixel APS-C mirrorless camera with 425 auto-focus points, interchangeable lenses, 4K video recording, wireless connectivity, manual controls and more!
Canon EOS Digital Rebel T7i
Digital Camera
An APS-C digital SLR camera with 24.2 megapixels, interchangeable lenses, pop-up flash, manual settings, a 45-point auto-focus system, a flip-out screen, HD video recording and wireless connectivity.
Sony a6000/W
Digital Camera
This mirrorless 24.3 megapixel APS-C camera is used for genealogy research. It features 179 auto-focus points, interchangeable lenses, HD video recording, wireless connectivity, and manual controls.
Sony a7s II
Digital Camera
This 12.2-megapixel camera features a large 35mm mirrorless image sensor, especially equipped for low light photography. The camera is capable of filming at 4K resolution.
Nikon D3200
Digital Camera
This 24.2-megapixel digital SLR camera is used primarily during paranormal investigations, although it is sometimes used for exploration. It shares many features of the Canon DSLRs above.
Equip-Tamron18-270 Tamron AF 18-270mm Lens
This lens kit is used with the Canon T7i cameras shown above. The lens allows for a large zoom range without the need to change lenses.
Equip-Canon50mmLens Canon 50mm Lens
This lens kit is primarily used with the Canon T7i camera shown above. This lens allows photos to have a blurry background with a very sharp foreground.
Sony SEL1635Z 16-35mm Lens
This is the primary lens for the Sony a7s II camera above. It allows for wide-angle shots, constant exposure and sharp images.
Sony SEL50F18F 50mm Lens
This lens kit is used with the Sony a7s II camera above. The lens allows for a blurry background with a very sharp foreground.


Equip-GoProHero3PlusSilver GoPro Hero 3+ Silver
Digital HD Camcorder
The GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition records HD quality video to microSD cards. The Silver Edition is capable of shooting 60 frames per second and has built-in WiFi for better control in the field.
GoPro Hero 5
Digital HD Camcorder
The GoPro Hero 5 records 4K quality video to a microSD card. This edition is waterproof with no need for an enclosure, has built-in WiFi, and a touchscreen on the back for an improved experience.
Equip-GoProHero3FullSpectrum GoPro Hero 3 Full Spectrum
Digital HD Camcorder
Similar to the GoPro 3 listed above, this camera has been modified to record in full spectrum (visible, infrared and UltraViolet light). This camera is used for recording in dark areas and paranormal investigations.
Equip-JVCEverioGZ-HD320 JVC Everio GZ-HD320
Digital HD Camcorder
This is the primary camcorder used to take videos as of 2009. It records in high definition to a 120 GB hard drive rather than to tapes or DVDs, allowing easy transfer to a PC.
Equip-SonyDCRTRV19 Sony DCR TRV-19
MiniDV Camcorder
This was the primary camcorder used to take videos from 2003-2009. It has night vision, a digital interface, and records to MiniDV tapes. It is still used for paranormal investigations.
Equip-SonyDCRDVD305 Sony DCR-DVD 305
Mini-DVD Camcorder
This Sony Handycam records video directly to mini-DVDs. It features a 12x optical zoom and Super NightShot Plus for night time recording. It’s used for both paranormal investigation and exploration.
SpyTec A119
Dash Camera
This dash camera is mounted in our primary vehicle, recording 1440p video on a constant loop. The unit includes GPS location and vehicle speed.
DJI Phantom 3 Standard
This unmanned aerial vehicle is equipped with a 2.7K HD video camera and is used to take bird’s-eye video of some of the sites we explore.
Equip-SonyInfraredHVL-IRC Sony HVL-IRC
Night Vision Extender
For use with the camcorders that support Sony’s NightShot or infrared video. It is extremely handy for filming in dark locations without the need for visible light.
Equip-SimaSL-100IR Sima SL-100IR
Night Vision Extender
Another night vision extender, this one is made by Sima. It is used primarily for paranormal investigations and the occasional exploration.
Equip-PhantomLiteInfrared Phantom Lite Flood
Night Vision Extender
A terrific infrared light built specifically for paranormal investigation use. This version features 50 high powered LEDs and will last more than 6 hours on a single 9-volt battery.
Equip-NeewerCN-160 Neewer LED Light CN-160
LED Camcorder Light
This dimmable 160 LED camcorder light is extremely bright. It can be used with either a hot shoe mount or it can be mounted on a tripod.
Neewer NW759 7-Inch HD Monitor
Field Monitor
This 7-inch IPS HD screen can be used with our GoPro and video-capable cameras to allow viewing of what is being recorded and video playback in the field. The unit is battery powered.


Equip-OlympusWS-700M Olympus WS-700M
Digital Audio Recorder
This digital audio recorder has 4GB of built-in memory and a microSD card for additional recording time. It includes a stereo microphone and can connect to a PC via built-in USB.
Equip-OlympusWS-100 Olympus WS-100
Digital Audio Recorder
This recorder has 64MB of memory and can store up to 27 hours of recordings. It connects to a PC via built-in USB for easy audio transfers.
Equip-YamahaPR7 Yamaha PR7
Digital Audio Recorder
This high-quality digital audio recorder has the capability to record 24-bit/96kHz audio using a special crossed X/Y stereo microphone. It uses a microSD card for storage.
Equip-SonyICD-PX820 Sony ICD-PX820
Digital Audio Recorder
This digital audio recorder has 2GB of built-in memory and can record up to 535 hours of audio in MP3 format. It is primarily used for paranormal investigations.
Equip-GEMicrocassette35375 GE Microcassette Recorder 35375
Analog Audio Recorder
This microcassette recorder operates very efficiently and comes with an external microphone at most retailers.
Comica CVM-VG05 Microphone
This stereo microphone is used in conjunction with our GoPro cameras above to allow for improved audio.
Equip-RadioShackLapelMic RadioShack Stereo Lapel Microphone
This stereo lapel microphone is used most often with the Olympus WS-700M above, allowing for improved audio and hands-free operation.
Movo GM100 Lapel Microphone
This omnidirectional microphone is used with audio or video equipment to allow for hands-free operation.
Equip-SimaSZM Sima SZM Microphone
This Sima microphone features a normal mode, a zoom mode, and a wind guard. It is most often used with our recorders above.
Equip-SonyMDR-V600 Sony Studio Headphones MDR-V600
These headphones are used for listening for EVP recordings in real-time and for reviewing audio recordings.


Equip-TriFieldNaturalEM TriField Natural EM Meter
Electromagnetic Field Meter
This is one of the only EM meters on the market that detects natural DC fields, not man-made AC fields, making it the most relevant for paranormal investigation.
Equip-MelMeter8704-R MelMeter 8704-R
Electromagnetic Field Meter & Thermocouple Thermometer
This meter is not as sensitive to the earth’s EM fields as the TriField meter, allowing the user to freely walk around with the meter. It also has a thermocouple thermometer.
Equip-CenTech92242 Cen-Tech 92242 Thermocouple
Thermocouple Thermometer
This thermometer takes instantaneous real-time temperature readings of the surrounding air. It is the primary thermometer used by the OES during paranormal investigations.
Equip-Craftsman82327 Craftsman 82327 Infrared
Infrared Thermometer
This thermometer shows surface temperatures at the press of a button, using a laser sight for accuracy. Used primarily during urban exploration as it is useless for paranormal research.
Equip-OregonScientificRAR601 Oregon Scientific RAR601
Room Thermometer
This thermometer displays the temperature in the room where the base unit is located as well as a wireless thermometer in a different location. Primarily used for paranormal investigations.
Motion Detector
This is the primary motion detector used by the OES during investigations. It includes a remote control to safely arm the detector when no one is in the room.


LG G7 ThinQ
Android Phone
This smartphone can be used to place phone calls, send messages, GPS and access the Internet. The G7 features a Snapdragon 845 processor, 4GB RAM, 16MP cameras, 64GB internal storage, microSD slot, and a 6.1″ screen.
Equip-MotoNexus6 Motorola Nexus 6
Android Phone
The Nexus 6 packs a quad-core 2.7GHz processor, 3 GB RAM, 13MP camera, 32GB of internal storage, LTE, and a huge 6″ screen. This phone currently serves as a backup phone and is offline GPS enabled.
Equip-UnidenGMR885-2CK Uniden GMR885-2CK
Two-Way Radio
These FRS/GMRS two-way radios transmit up to 8 miles in perfect conditions with privacy codes.
Equip-CobraPR590-2WXEVP Cobra PR590-2 WX EVP
Two-Way Radio
These FRS/GMRS radios transmit up to 8 miles with privacy codes.

Computers & Software

Equip-HPPavilionEliteE9260F HP Pavilion Elite E9260F
Desktop Computer
This HP PC is the primary computer tower used to work on various projects for the OES website and serves as storage space for OES photos, videos and files. It features an i5 quad-core processor, 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive.
Dell Inspiron 16 Plus Dell Inspiron 16 Plus 7610
Laptop Computer
This became the primary OES laptop in 2022. It’s used to build the website, edit photos, audio and video. It features an 11th generation 8-core i7 2.3GHz processor, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD hard drive and a 6GB NVIDIA RTX 3060 graphics card.
Equip-HPPaviliondm4-2180us HP Pavilion dm4-2180us
Laptop Computer
Previously the primary laptop, it is now used for public presentations and in conjunction with the Delorme GPS software below. It features an i5 dual-core processor, 6GB of RAM and a 640GB hard drive.
Toshiba C55T-C5300
Laptop Computer
This laptop is primarily used for genealogical and historical research and in conjunction with the Delorme GPS software below. It features an i3 2.2GHz processor, 6GB of RAM, 1TB hard drive and a touchscreen.
Equip-SamsungGalaxyTabS5e Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e
Android Tablet
This 10.5-inch tablet is powered by a 2.0GHz octa-core processor with 128GB of internal memory, 6GB RAM, microSD card slot, front and rear cameras, GPS and more. It is used for investigations and storing electronic documents.
Equip-AdobeAudition3 Adobe Audition 3
This program is used to clean audio and background noise from EVP recordings on the devices above.
Equip-AdobePhotoshopCS5 Adobe Creative Cloud: Photography Plan
This subscription plan includes Photoshop and Lightroom. We use these programs to process, touch up and resize photos and to create graphics for the website.
Equip-CyberLinkPowerDirector12Ultimate CyberLink PowerDirector 14 Ultimate
This program is used to create, edit and encode videos for the website shot with the video cameras above.
Skylum Luminar 4
We use this program to enhance photos of some of the locations we visit. It features AI enhancements and can replace the sky in a couple of clicks.
Equip-DelormeSteetAtlas2009Plus Delorme Street Atlas 2009 Plus
This program is used with the Delorme Earthmate GPS receiver and a laptop to map locations and receive directions in real-time. It does not rely on an Internet connection to serve the map files.
Equip-EarthPoint Earth Point
We use this website to convert locations from mapping software to Google Earth, view range and township from within Google Earth and more. Thank you so much to Earth Point for their continued support!
Equip-PhotomatixPro5 Photomatix Pro 4
This program by HDRsoft creates high dynamic range (HDR) images by merging several photos taken at varying exposure levels.

Other Equipment

MeiYi Power Bank
USB Power Bank
This 20,000mAh power bank features three USB charging ports that can be used to recharge devices while in the field. One output is Quick Charge 3.0 capable for faster charge times.
SRA Aluminum Case EN-AC-FG-A009
Equipment Case
We use several of these spacious cases to safely transport some of our equipment. It features pick-and-pluck foam to allow for a custom fit.
Pelican Case 1150
Equipment Case
Unlike the case above, this case is dust and watertight, allowing for maximum protection of equipment. This case is advertised as a camera case but can also be used for other equipment.

Retired Equipment

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi
Digital Camera
This camera was the OES’ primary camera from 2013 until 2019. It was a 12.2 megapixel digital SLR camera with an interchangeable lens, manual options, and built-in flash.
Equip-CanonRebelXT Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT
Digital Camera
This camera served as the OES’ primary camera from 2005 until 2013. It was an 8 megapixel digital SLR with an interchangeable lens, manual options, and a built-in flash.
Equip-HPPhotoSmart912 HP PhotoSmart 912
Digital Camera
This camera was the OES’ primary camera from 2001 until 2005. It was a 2.4-megapixel camera with some advanced controls. It was replaced by the Canon Rebel XT above.
Equip-HPPhotoSmartC200 HP PhotoSmart C200
Digital Camera
This basic 1.0-megapixel camera started it all. It was our primary camera from day one until 2001 when it was replaced by the HP PhotoSmart 912 above.
Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS
Digital Camera
This 10.1 megapixel DLSR camera was used for cemeteries and genealogy research. It featured 7 auto-focus points, interchangeable lenses, manual options and more. It also used the Canon 50mm lens above.
Fujifilm FinePix S5100
Digital Camera
This 4.0 megapixel camera featured a 12x optical zoom lens with auto-focus and some manual controls It was primarily used for paranormal investigation until being replaced by the Sony A7S.
LG G Pad 8.3
Android Tablet
This 8.3-inch tablet is powered by a 1.6GHz quad-core processor with 16GB of internal memory, 32GB external storage, front and rear cameras, GPS and more. It is used for investigations and storing electronic documents.
Equip-DellInspironi5447-6250sLV Dell Inspiron i5447-6250sLV
Laptop Computer
This laptop was used to build the OES website, edit and store photos, audio and video. It featured an i5 2.6GHz processor, 8GB of RAM, 1TB hard drive and a touchscreen. The motherboard began to go bad, so it was replaced.
Dell G3 3579
Laptop Computer
This gaming laptop served as the OES’ primary PC from 2018-2022. It featured an eighth generation 6-core i7 2.21GHz processor, 16GB RAM, 1TB hard drive, 256GB SSD, and a 4GB NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti graphics card.