EMF Meter Tips

What is an electromagnetic field (EMF) and why does the field matter to paranormal investigators? Electromagnetic fields are physical fields produced by electrically charged objects and are one of the four fundamental forces of nature. In the paranormal field, it is believed that fluctuations in the electromagnetic field coincide with paranormal events. Whether the event causes the EMF or the EMF causes the event is up for debate. Regardless, an EMF meter can be used as a tool to detect changes in the electromagnetic field. Listed below is a guideline to help you detect EMF.

Obtaining the equipment

  • Be aware that there are two types of electromagnetic fields you can detect with the appropriate meters. Natural EM fields (DC) are emitted by the Earth, people and other natural entities, along with radio waves. Most man-made EM fields (AC) are created by technology such as electronic devices, electrical outlets and wiring, and artificial lighting.
  • Detecting either of these fields could be important to a paranormal investigator. Using a natural EMF meter will allow you to find natural energies, such as those believed to be given off by ghosts. Using an AC EMF meter will allow you to detect faulty wiring and other manmade electromagnetic interference that could cause hallucinations. It is up to the investigator to decide which EMF meter to use in a given situation.
  • There are a plethora of EMF meters of both types available to purchase. The best meters that are reasonably priced are the TriField meters. They have an x, y, z axis, which detects all three dimensions. Having a TriField meter will help reduce your chance of missing something important. Remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to this type of equipment.
  • The TriField Standard meter detects man-made AC fields. With the exception of detecting in the third dimension, the TriField Standard is pretty much the same as every other EMF meter on the market. The advantage to an AC meter is that you are easily able to walk around with it. Click Here to purchase a TriField Standard meter.
  • The TriField Natural EM meter detects natural DC fields. If paranormal activity is associated with electromagnetic energy, this meter would be able to detect that energy. Since the Natural EM meter can also detect the type of EMF our bodies emit, it is difficult to walk around with. This meter is best used as a stationary device. Click Here to purchase a TriField Natural EM Meter.
  • You may also use a MelMeter, which was designed with paranormal research in mind. This device detects both AC and DC fields in addition to the ambient air temperature. Some models include a telescopic antenna that radiates its own magnetic field that can be interrupted by materials and objects that conduct electricity. Many believe spirits can manipulate this field to show a sign of their presence. Click Here to purchase a basic MelMeter model.

Using the EMF meter

  • Turn on the EMF meter to the proper setting. If there are multiple settings on your meter, use either the magnetic of SUM settings.
  • Some meters need to calibrate or “zero out” prior to being used. If your meter has this feature, wait about thirty seconds before actively using the meter.
  • Hold the meter in either hand, extended in front and away from your body. You may slightly tilt the meter to see the display better.
  • Walk through each area you will be investigating to obtain a base reading so you can compare it to any abnormal spikes in the field. This can be extremely tricky with a DC meter, practice is required. Take light steps and walk in a slow and smooth motion. Static electricity disruptions that your body causes to the EM field can affect readings, as well as your position to the Earth’s magnetic poles. DC meters are best used as stationary meters.
  • Avoid moving the meter erratically as this may cause your meter to show false recordings. The meter should be moved as smoothly and as slow as possible for the best results.
  • Most meters have a detection range of about eight feet, so always be aware of your surroundings. AC meters may detect man-made electrical current while DC meters can detect fields emitted from people or even the Earth itself. Test your environment and look for ways to explain the readings on the meter. If you cannot find an explanation, you may have detected something paranormal in nature.
  • Any readings below 2 milligauss can often be ignored unless the base reading is abnormally low. Paranormal activity is usually associated with fields in the 2.5mG to 8mG range, although we have successfully documented activity with both higher and lower fields.

* Please note that OES is not affiliated with the TriField Meter company or the makers of MelMeter.
We do, however, use both company’s meters in our investigations and can vouch for their accuracy and build quality.