Ten Year Anniversary

June 2010 marked the ten year anniversary of the Ohio Exploration Society! In June 2000, three friends began exploring old cemeteries around Franklin County and decided to form a group, the Ohio Exploration Society. Very few photos were taken during this time until we decided to create a website to share our findings. In October 2000, the original six page website was posted on the Internet with photos and information about the locations we had visited. As of June 2010, there was over 475 pages, more than 4,300 photos, 20 panoramic photos, 24 videos and over 130 audio recordings on the website, accounting for just over one gigabyte of material. We would like to thank all OES members for their hard work and dedication over the years, and the contributions and support we’ve received from our visitors.

Like our Five Year Anniversary page, you’ll find the evolution of the Ohio Exploration Society’s website below. But you will find something not on the five year page, a comment box! Share with us how long you have been visiting the OES site, how you first discovered us, which location we’ve visited is your favorite and so on. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to keep up-to-date with the latest OES news and exclusive material!