Williams Family Cemetery

The OES visited Williams Family Cemetery on November 27, 2001. Although the cemetery is located adjacent to busy US Route 23, it is VERY hard to spot, even more so during the summer months. Williams Family Cemetery is in the middle of a clump of trees in a field on the former site of the Williams farm. We were shocked to find one of the tombs busted open during our visit, but we did not see any bones or other remains inside. There was litter scattered about the ground, probably from irresponsible people throwing trash from their vehicles while driving up US Route 23. The oldest tombstone we could read dated to 1841, so the cemetery was likely established around that time. The largest marker in the cemetery was made of granite and carried the family name, Williams. It was also probably the most recent marker in the cemetery. Many of the older gravestones were broken and had fallen over. Williams Family Cemetery could definitely use some restoration work before it is forgotten forever.

Location Information: Inactive Cemetery [Overgrown]

Williams Family Cemetery is located on the east side of US Route 23, south of Rowe Road in Columbus; Franklin County.