Shoemaker Cemetery

The OES visited Shoemaker Cemetery on July 30, 2007. This small family cemetery was probably founded around 1813 when Eric Shoemaker was buried there, who died that same year. His stone is likely the oldest in the cemetery, although it was hard to tell due to erosion and broken stones. An iron fence that once surrounded the cemetery was removed in 1985. Not much was being done to preserve the cemetery as it stood on our visit. The grass appeared to be mowed every now and then, but the grave markers were in poor condition. There appeared the be a couple of holes dug into the graves by wild animals of some sort. One OES member who had previously visited the cemetery saw human bones lying outside one of the holes. Cemetery restorations are beginning to be commonplace in the area surrounding Shoemaker Cemetery. Perhaps it can be somewhat saved before it is too late as the property around the cemetery was for sale.

Location Information: Inactive Cemetery [Safe]

Shoemaker Cemetery is located in a field on Busey Road east of Bowen Road in Canal Winchester; Fairfield County.