Parkinson & Babcock Cemetery

The OES visited Parkinson & Babcock Cemetery on August 14, 2007. Parkinson & Babcock Cemetery is situated on the north side of the US Route 40, about two miles west of Kirkersville in Etna Township, Licking County. The cemetery had a newly installed fence and seemed to be well maintained. According to Raitz and Thompson in their book, A Guide to the National Road, “The National Road here ran inside the cemetery and just north of US 40. The earliest grave is dated 1811.” On our visit, no graves dating that far back could be found. Unfortunately, due to age and quite possibly abuse, many of the tombstones were damaged and illegible. The oldest standing tombstone we found was from 1832. The most recent burial seems to have occurred in 1899. A short obituary regarding this burial can be found in the Newark Daily Advocate newspaper on January 11, 1899: “Kirkersville: Mrs. Abraham Frideger formerly of this place and late of Columbus, O., was buried at Parkinson Cemetery on the pike Wednesday morning. She was a sister of Jacob Keckley, of this place.”

Location Information: Inactive Cemetery [Safe]

Parkinson & Babcock Cemetery is on the north side of US Route 40, two miles west of Kirkersville; Licking County.